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Friendship Day Short Stories – 1

8/5/2012 1:04:00 AM

There was a hare in a jungle. She was very popular amongst the animals there. She used to talk and share her feeling with everybody. She was very happy. One day she heard horrified news from the animals there. A group of dogs were approaching towards them. She came to knew that the group are attacking small animal, killing and feeding on them. She became frightened. She started making plans of escaping from there. She thought that the animals from the jungle would help in escaping and in this way she would be saved from the dogs. First, she decided to approach the horse. She thought that he would carry her on his back and leave her to a safe place. She told her plans to him. He didn’t want to help her. He told that his master has given him a task that he has to finish today so he can’t help her. She was very depressed. She was frozen for a moment. Suddenly a thought came. She decided to approach the bull. When she was going to meet the bull, she thought that he wou

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Janmashtami: The Birth of Lord Krishna

8/6/2012 7:58:00 AM

Kansh was the king of Mathura at that time. He had a sister named Devaki. She was going to be married to Vasudaev. Kansh was very enthusiastic about this marriage. He decided to accompany the couple to their place after the wedding. When they were proceeding, suddenly an echo came from the sky. The echo told that Devaki’s eighth son would be responsible for Kansh’s death. This made him angry. He ordered his soldiers to put the couple in the prison. One by one he killed every child given birth by Devaki. When Krishna was about to born Lord Vishnu came in the dream of Vasudaev. Lord Vishnu advised him to take Sri Krishna to Gokul at midnight and exchange him with Yashoda’s daughter. He also told him that all the gates would be opened and he would be set free. At midnight, Vasudaev woke up. He was set free. He put the child in the basket. All the gated were opened. All the guards were fast asleep. He placed the basket on his head and started towards the destinat

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Sri Krishna and Putna

8/7/2012 7:44:00 AM

Kansa was very frightened after he heard the Krishna was born. In his dream he would see Krishna killing him. On day he called a meeting of his ministers to discuss this situation. After discussion he reached to the conclusion to kill Krishna before he turns into an adult. His minister suggested him to take the help of Putna. Putna was a wicked witch. She was famous for killing small children by her magical powers. Kansa called her and assigned the task of killing Krishna. She assured that it was an easy task and she will succeed. Putna started for Gokul. She didn’t have any difficulty finding Sri Krishna. A lot of people were visiting the house to greet the baby. She decided to change her form. She transformed into a beautiful lady well dressed and well mannered. Everybody present there was influenced with her beauty. Nobody thought that she is a wicked bitch who has come here to kill Sri Krishna.   Putna was very curious. She started searching for Sri Krishna. She

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Sri Krishna and Bakasura

8/8/2012 12:06:00 AM

Kansa was the uncle of Sri Krishna. He was very wicked. He always devised plans to kill Krishna. He sent Putna to Kill Krishna but she failed. Now he was more frightened. He was not able to sleep at nights. He had nightmares about Krishna killing him. He had contacts with evil persons who had magical powers. One of them was Bakasura. He was the brother of Putna. He had magical power. Kansa called him and assigned the task of killing Sri Krishna. He also told him that Sri Krishna had killed her sister. This made him angry. Everyday Krishna along with cowherd boys used to go to the banks of Yamuna River with their cattle. They used to graze there. One day when there cattle were grazing, some of the cowherd boys saw a giant animal approaching towards them. It looked like a giant duck. All the cowherd boys became frightened with the discharge of lightning accompanied by thunder by the giant animal. They name this giant animal Bakasura. Baka means duck sura means a monster. When Bakasur

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Sri Krishna and Indra

8/9/2012 12:37:00 AM

This story is associated with the holy place named Brindavan. Sri Krishna’s childhood is associated with this place. At that time people used to worship Lord Indra. The residents thought that because of his grace Brindavan is a prosperous place. It used to rain a lot. Plenty of rain transformed this place into a heaven. When Krishna arrived, he observed that people are worshiping Lord Indra blindfold. He decided to break the myth. He explained the residents that because of Moutain Govardhan, Brindavan is a prosperous place. People believed him and stopped worshiping Indra and started worshiping Moutain Govardhan. This made Indra angry. He felt insulted. He decided to punish the villagers. Lord Indra sent dark clouds to destroy Brindavan. Now it started raining. The whole village was flooded with water. Such heavy rains destroyed everything. People started running here and there but could not find a place for shelter. People blamed Krishna for destruction. Krishna was cal

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Lord Krishna and Mother Yashodha

8/10/2012 1:22:00 AM

In the childhood Lord Krishna was very naughty. Everybody in the house especially Mother Yashodha was fed up with his mischief behaviour. He used to steal butter and cheese in his house and also from the neighbours. The neighbours used to complain about his deeds to Mother Yashodha. These deeds are wrong. He should stop but it has no effect. Day by day his mischiefs were increasing. One day Krishna was stealing butter in his house. He had broken the pot and was eating the butter. At that moment Mother Yashodha came inside. She saw him stealing butter. She caught him. This made her angry. She decided to punish him. On the other Krishna tried to persuade her. He was asking for forgiveness. She was fed up with his daily mischiefs and complains of the neighbours. Today she decided to punish Sri Krishna sternly. She dragged Krishna catching his hand and took him in the veranda. She tied him to the trunk of the tree with a rope and went away. When she was going away Krishna was pleadin

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Mangal Pandey: A Hero of Indian Independence

8/11/2012 3:31:00 AM

In 1857, Mangal Pandey was a solider in 34th Regiment of the Bengal native infantry of the East India Company. He was famous for his bravery because he saved the life of his British commanding officer. He did not fear death. He was ready to fight against injustice. Everything was going fine. Tension started with the introduction of a new rifle. At that time the British army constituted 96% of Indians.The rifle has to be loaded with a cartridge. Before loading, it has to be bitten by the mouth and the gun powder has to be poured into the rifle. They were shown the demonstration how to load the cartridge in the rifle. Some soldiers came to knew that the cartridges which held gun power were greased with either pig fat or beef tallow. Rumours started spreading. These made the soldiers in the infantry angry because for Hindus cows were a scared animal. They used to worship the cows. The British tried explaining the soldiers, and even asked them to make their own grease from vegetable oil

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Bhagat Singh: Acts of Bravery -1

8/12/2012 1:11:00 AM

1. In 1919, Bhagat Singh was a teenager but his heart was filled with a thought for contributing to Indian Independence. Jallianwala Bagh massacre occurred at that period of time. When he heard about it this little boy eyes were filled with tears. He decided to visit the place. He saw blood soaked people lying here and there. In addition, he saw the well people used to kill themselves from the bullets of the police. Further he saw the wall covered with peoples blood. He started crying but his courage made him control himself. He had a bottle. He filled the bottle with blood soaked mud and returned home. He placed the bottle in the middle of the room and started to perform a ritualistic pooja. After some time her younger sister came into the room and asked him what he is doing. He told her that he is performing the last rites for the martyrs who lost their lives in the battle of freedom.   2.    The struggle of Independence was catching fire. In 1928, the briti

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Bhagat Singh: Acts of Bravery -2

8/13/2012 1:51:00 AM

After the assignation of John P. Saunders who was an Assistant Superintendent of Police, the british government was shaken from the roots. They should have found out the reasons for the discontent. Instead they took more repressive measures. They brought a bill named ‘Defence of India Act ’. It gave the police a free hand. Now they can arrest persons to stop processions. In addition to that they can also arrest suspicious persons whom they thought were involved in anti british activities. The whole country was against the bill. These days Bhagat Singh was hiding from the police. When he heard about the bill he was unhappy. He decided to protest. He along with Batukeshwar Dutt planned to throw a bomb in the Central Assembly Hall while the session was going on. Their motive was to protest in a peaceful way. They didn’t want to hurt anybody. They also decided to throw pamphlets about Indian Independence. Furthermore they decided not to run away from the scene. On April

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Ramadan lanterns

8/16/2012 5:03:00 AM

Ramadan is considered to be the most holy and blessed month. It traditionally begins with a new moon sighting. Ramadan is associated with a mysterious tradition. The tradition is very old and some believed that it started in the Fatimid era. For Muslims the Ramadan celebrations include the display of Fawanees (plural for Fanous). People hang different types of pretty lanterns out in the streets, balconies, shops and mosques. The kids were associated with these lanterns. They were fascinated with these and used to wander the streets. In addition to that they used to go to different houses asking for sweets and nuts.  Stories associated with Ramadan lanterns (Fanous) This story is associated with Fatimid era. Fatimid caliph began a search of the new moon. He started wandering on the street in the night. At that time there was no electricity. It used to be pretty dark. The small children noticed them. They brought the lanterns from their homes and started walking with him. Second

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