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Labor Day a tribute to American workers

8/31/2012 12:33:00 AM

Labor Day commemorates the economic and social contributions of workers to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the country. It also pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers. It also marks the end of summer for many Americans. People plan trips and hold outdoor events. In United States it is a national holiday and it is celebrated on first Monday in September (3rd of September).One of the reasons for choosing to celebrate this on the first Monday in September was to add a holiday in the long gap between Independence Day and Thanksgiving. The first Labor Day was held in 1882.Oregon was the first state to make it a holiday in 1887.On June 28, 1884, the U.S. Congress passed an act making it a national holiday. It is celebrated with parties, parades and athletic events. People enjoy the day with their friends and families, go for boating, picnics, fireworks and much more. A street parade is held followed by a festival for the workers and their famili

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Teachers day: A tribute to their efforts

8/31/2012 5:06:00 AM

Teacher’s day is celebrated annually to appreciate their role in the society. The reason behind celebration is that teachers do need encouragement and support from the community to recognise their efforts. It is also known as Teacher Appreciation Day or National Teacher's Day. It is celebrated on 5th of September every year. It is also the birthday of one of the greatest teacher Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan who became the president of India. Teachers play a very imporant role in the building of society. They lay the foundation of a student character. The things thaught in an educational institute remains in the life of the student forever.They influence the students with their thoughts. Students learn a lot from a teacher's action so he should be careful with his actions. They are our role models. They help in deciding our future. Teachers prepare the student for the society from an early stage.   On teachers day student show their respect and gratitude to their teach

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