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Vishwakarma Pooja

Vishwakarma Pooja: Marks the Contribution of Non-living things

9/15/2012 6:05:00 AM

Vishwakarma Pooja is celebrated to worship Lord Vishwakarma, an Indian god. It is known that he was an architect.  He constructed cities like Dwarka where Lord Krishna ruled. In addition to that he constructed Maya Sabha of the Pandavas. He also created many weapons for the Gods. On this occasion all the non-living things are worshiped. It is thought that they also have life. People clean their houses. In addition to that people also clean their non-living things like scooter and car. Bus companies wash their buses and worship them. Trains are also cleaned and worshiped on this day. Big companies organise a puja. After the puja the workers of the companies also distribute sweets amongst them.  On this day all the vehicles are given rest. All big factories are also closed on this day. People pray for the grace of Lord Vishwakarma so that they can succeed in their areas of work.  They also pray for the smooth functioning of the machinery. This year Vishwakarma pooja wo

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