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Shivaratri Gift Ideas

1/25/2010 12:09:00 AM

Shivaratri Gift Ideas Devotees of Lord Shiva use the wonderful opportunity of Mahashivratri Festival to send good wishes to near and dear ones in the form of Shivratri Gifts. In case you too are looking for ideas to send Shivratri Gifts to any of your friend or relative who is devoted to Shankar Bhagwan here are some special Shivaratri Gift Ideas just for you ! Lord Shiva Sculptures and Idols Since Shivaratri Festival is celebrated in honor of God Shiva, most wonderful Shivratri gift idea would be Shiva sculptures and idols. One may go in for Shiva statues in terracotta, plaster-of-Paris, brass or silver depending on choice and budget. Lord Shiva and Parvati paintings and wall hangings are also considered to be auspicious Shivaratri Gift. Shiva Books, Cassettes and CDs A unique and special Shivaratri Gift idea would be books on Lord Shiva. One can also gift meditation and spiritual books on the h

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