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Navratri Festival invitation video maker online free

Celebrate navratri and enjoy dhandhiya. Organize a colorful night party for your friends and family. Create an e invitation and e card through Desievite portal and send it to the people and get along to celebrate. You can share or post card on Facebook, Google plus, and Twitter. You can also download your Navratri invitation card. You can send online invitation to your guest and they can RSVP your invite and you will have list of people attending/not attending Navratri.
DesiEvite.com is an online tool/software to create Navratri Festival card for Whatsapp & Instagram. whatsapp compatible instagram cards

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Bommai Kolu/ Bomma Golu Bommai Kolu/ Bomma Golu is a doll and figurine display festival celebrated during the festival of Navratri in Southern India. It’s parts of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh,
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  घटस्थापना   अश्विन शुद्ध प्रतिपदा ते नवमी हा देवी उपासनेचा काळ, ह्यालाच नवरात्र उत्सव असं म्हणतात. नवरात्रात घरोघरी घटस्थापना केली जाते. ह्या नवरात्रीत देवीपुढे अखंड दिप लावला जातो. रात
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DurgaPuja   Durga Puja also known as Durgotsab is an annual Hindu festival which celebrates worship of the Hindu goddess of power, Durga or Shakti. It is a nine days affair in which last six da
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With Desievite you can create Navratri invitation video for WhatsApp.            Navratri festival is celebrated to worship the nine forms of Goddes
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  Golu invitation Wording and Sample Card English May the Kolu dolls bless our farms Success gathers, nothing harms We pray on this auspicious day today May Na
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  नवरात्रि निमंत्रण संदेश नवरात्रि के आगमन की तैयारी, राम-सीता के मिलन की तैयारी, असत्य पर सत्य की जीत की तैयारी, हो सबको आज इस पवित्र त्यौहार की बधाई… नवरात्रि क
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