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Make your Own Kite for Vasant Panchami

1/14/2010 4:54:00 AM

Have ever wanted to build a kite? Well, here is a simple kite you can make your self! A kite consists of these basic parts:       The Spine. The up-and-down, or vertical stick that you build your kite around. The Spar. The support stick(s), that are placed crossways or at a slant over the spine. Sometimes they are curved or bowed. The Frame. The joined spine and spars, usually with a string connecting their ends, that form the shape of the kite and make a support for the cover. The Cover. The paper, plastic, or cloth, that cover the frame to make a kite. The Bridle. One or more strings attached to the spine or spars, which help control the kite in the air. The Flying Line. The string running from the kites’ bridle, where you hold to fly the kite. The Tail. A long strip of paper or plastic of ribbon that helps to balance the kite in flight. Not all kites need tails. The Reel. The object you use to wind your

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