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Mother's Day History

5/3/2010 11:14:00 PM

Mother's Day History Origin of Mother's Day goes back to the era of ancient Greek and Romans. But the roots of Mother's Day history can also be traced in UK where a Mothering Sunday was celebrated much before the festival saw the light of the day in US. However, the celebration of the festival as it is seen today is a recent phenomenon and not even a hundred years old. Thanks to the hard work of the pioneering women of their times, Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis that the day came into existence. Today the festival of Mothers day is celebrated across 46 countries (though on different dates) and is a hugely popular affair. Millions of people across the globe take the day as an opportunity to honor their mothers, thank them for their efforts in giving them life, raising them and being the

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Mother's Day Around the World

5/3/2010 11:21:00 PM

Mothers Day is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm in over 46 countries across the globe. Though Mothers Day celebrations take place at different times around the world what is remarkably same are the feelings with which people celebrate Mothers Day. This is so because mothers are as caring in East as they are in the West. The difference between mothers from one part of the world to the other simply does not exist and so are the feelings of children. All over the world people love to celebrate Mothers Day with their mothers and shower love on them. How is Mothers Day Celebrated ? In many countries special prayer services are held in churches in honor of mothers. But the most common method of celebrating Mothers Day is to treat mothers with breakfast in bed. Children a

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Mother's Day Party Ideas

5/3/2010 11:27:00 PM

Mother's Day Party Ideas   Mother nurtures us with her unconditional love and warmth deserves something memorable on Mother's Day. Make your mother smile and fall in the happy moments of the day by throwing a special Mothers Day Party for her. Just make your mom the 'Queen of the Day' with a surprise Mother's Day bash. So go ahead and treat the most important person of your life in a spectacular way. Mothers Day Party Invitation Plan for a surprise party for your mother by inviting close relatives and friends. An improper invitation can spoil the craze of the party. A list of all the invitees colorfully written or printed on an invitation card or letter can do wonders in laying the emphasis to the celebration of such an important occasion. In case, you do not have enough time to make preparations for the party, si

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Buddha Jayanti

5/10/2010 12:03:00 AM

  Buddha Jayanti It is said that one of the greatest spiritual teachers of mankind the world has ever seen is Gautam Buddha. It is his teachings and message that has traveled far and wide. It is believed that the origin and practice of Buddhist religion dates back to the time when Lord Buddha was born around 543 BC. Siddhartha, the only son of Shuddhodana, the King of Kapilavastu is believed to have lived a very sheltered and protected life till the age of 29. He was completely ignorant of what miseries and sorrows were all about. He did not know the tragedies of everyday life. One day the prince desired to see the city. The King ordered that the city should be all gay and grand, so that everywhere his son would meet with only pleasing sights. He was shocked to see the harsh realities of life when he viewed an old man, a sick and disabled person and a dead body for the firs

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Regional Celebrations Of Buddha Jayanti

5/10/2010 1:43:00 AM

Regional Celebrations Of Buddha Jayanti The Buddha Jayanti or the Buddha Purnima in India celebrates the birth, enlightenment and ultimate passing away of the Buddha. The festival is celebrated throughout the world, though, by different names. The most common of all these is Vesak or Wesak. In India, the festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm since, it is the land where the Buddha witnessed the miseries of the human life, renounced all His worldly pleasures, attained enlightenment and became the Buddha. Bodh Gaya and Sarnath are two of the best places to enjoy the festival in the country, though celebrations take place at any place where the Buddhist population resides. Celebrations in Bodh Gaya In Bodh Gaya, the place where under the sacred Bodhi Tree He attained enlightenment, a whole lot of people from all over the world come to attend the cer

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Buddhist Pilgrimage In India

5/10/2010 1:45:00 AM

  Buddhist Pilgrimage In India In every religion, there are some places that attain the status of pilgrimage destinations. Devotees come from far off, overcoming all difficulties that obstruct their way, just to pay a visit to these places. They believe that a visit to these places will bring them blessings of their respective god and take away all miseries from their life. In Buddhism, all those places that Lord Gautam Buddha visited during his lifetime are considered extremely pious. They are the topmost destinations when any Buddhist around the world thinks of pilgrimage. Apart from these places, some places related to revered Buddhist personalities are also considered holy by the Buddhist and are hence worthy of a pilgrimage. This section provides comprehensive details of such destinations. You can find information regarding what makes that place holy, what are the Buddhist attractions of the place and what are the

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Famous Buddhist Temples & Monuments In India

5/10/2010 1:53:00 AM

Buddhist Temples & Monuments In India Along with the monasteries, there are a number of Buddhist temples and monuments that must be visited while on Buddhist tour to India. The monuments include rock cut carvings, stupas and archaeological museums. A visit to these temples and monuments will give you a very good idea about how Buddhism progressed in the area and how it left its mark on the lives of the locals.Also, the architecture, carvings, Buddhist statues and relics, paintings etc in these temples and monuments are extremely attractive. This section on Buddhist Temples and Monuments provides you information about the various temples and monuments that grace different parts of the country. You will find information regarding the temple/monument itself, its architecture, possessions, location, accessibility and best time to visit. So, just go through this section and pick up a temple or a monument that excites you eno

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