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Makar SAnkranti-A Festival of spreading Love

1/11/2016 9:51:00 AM

Makar Sankranti- A festival of  spreading love.     Introduction: Makar Sankranti is a festival that signifies end of evil and spreading of love all around.Not only this, but Makar Sankranti gives immense pleasure and hope to our farmers as they expect new crops during this time. It is the sign for farmers that the sun is back and that harvest season is approaching . This day is considered to be one of the most important harvest day in India. Makar Sankranti is celebrated all over India, only the name of the festival differs.Like in Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka,Andhra Pradesh,etc  its known as Makar Sankranti, in Tamil Nadu it is known as Pongal, in Gujarat it is known as Uttarayan. The story behind this festival is Sankarasur .He  was very brutal indeed. And He started torturing and killing people. To finish off Sankarasur, Goddess Sankranti  appeared on the earth and killed Sankarasur. To celebrate the downfall of S

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Kite festival

1/12/2016 7:39:00 AM

Kite festival   Introduction:   Kite Festival is one of the biggest festival celebrated in Gujarat. It marks the day when winter ends and summer begins according to the Indian calender. Its also the start of harvest season thus giving pleasure  to our dear farmers.Its known as Uttarayan in Gujarat. In 2012 , 42 countries participated in this International Kite event, hence Kite festival in Gujarat attempted to enter Guinness World Record.     History:   The history of Uttarayan/Kite fetsival is based on how evil was defeated. Sankarasur who was very cruel and killed many people was defeated by goddess Sankranti. This festival shows the awakening of many gods from their sleep. Kite flying was consider as a sport by Nawabs and it was a royal sport that every king played. But then kite flying became well known even to the common man and hence people still fly kites.   Kite festival in 2016in Gujarat: Gujarat

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PONGAL – A festival to express gratidute towards Sun God

1/12/2016 8:39:00 AM

PONGAL – A festival to express gratidute towards Sun God     Pongal is a four day festival celebrated by Tamil people all over India.It’s a time to thank Sun God to be gracious to mankind by providing the required energy for the agriculture.Its usually celebrated between 13th January to 17th January every year.This season is also known as harvest season. Hence, part of the celebration is the boiling of the first rice of the season and is consecrated to the Sun   Pongal Dish:   Rice and milk is cooked in the sunlight and dedicated to the Sun god. The cooking is done in a clay pot that is decorated with coloured patterns called kolam.The dish is served on banana leaves. This dish is known as Pongal.   4 day of the festival:   ·        Margazhi Kolam:  Margazhi means time period between mid December to mid January. On this day people decorate their entran

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1/13/2016 7:20:00 AM

Valentine’s Day                         Love is what every human being longs for. Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruits. Love helps us to overcome every hate and every evil. Valentine’s Day is all about love and love stories that make people feel more special.   True Story of Valentine’s Day:               Saint Valentinus was a Christian and he had strong belief in Christian ethics mentioned in the Bible. He was a person of Love. During his time, Christians were persecuted by Roman Emperor Claudius II for following Jesus Christ. Valentinus used to help and minister such persecuted Christians. Valentinus also performed marriages for soldiers who were forbidden to marry in Rome state. For this reason he was imprisoned. While being in the jail, his jailer got imp

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Vasant Panchami

1/20/2016 11:24:00 AM

Vasant Panchami   Vasant Panchami has a specific meaning: Vasant means "spring, “and Panchami means "the fifth day." Vasant Panchami falls on the fifth day of spring. On this day people perform Saraswati puja. It is also known as Basant Panchami. Vasant Panchami is celebrated every year on the fifth day of the bright half of the Indian month of Magh. Vasant panchmi is celebrated as a religious festival in temples in Madhya Pradesh. In Punjab region it is also known as Basant Festival of Kites and they observe this as Sikh festival in gurudwara. Celebrations today still honor Kamadev, his wife Rati, and his friend Vasant (the personification heralds of spring). Vasant Panchami initiates the spring festive cycle and its summation that occurs with Holi. The 40-day period between Vasant Panchami and Holi corresponds with the 40 days of Rati’spenance after her husband , Kamadev was reduced to ashes for shooting the eye of Sh

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Maha Shivratri

1/22/2016 8:44:00 AM

Gudi Padwa                   Gudi Padwa is the Hindu New Year in Marathi culture as per traditional lunar calendar followed in Maharashtra. Gudi Padwa in 2016 will be celebrated on 8th April. It is observed mainly in Maharashtra, Goa and parts of Karnataka. In Marathi it is known as “Gudi Padwa”, in Telugu “Ugadi” and in Kanada “Yugadi” .             There are numerous reasons for observing Gudi Padwa - the most important legends are the defeat of Shakas by Shaliavahan and some people observe it to celebrate the victories of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.   The Gudhi:   On Gudhi Padwa, a gudhi is found sticking out of a windowin traditional Maharashtrian households. Bright green or yellow cloth adorned with brocade (zari) tied to the tip of a long bamboo over which gaath

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1/27/2016 8:25:00 AM