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Wednesday, January 13, 2016 | 7:20:00 AM




Lohri is celebrated in Punjab, India.It is celebrated during the end of winter solstice when the days are short and nights are long.Lohri is meant to be celebrated on the shortest day of the year.


Important facts about Lohri:

·        Bonfire is an ancient tradition signifying the return of longer days.People usually bask themselves in the bonfire all over the world during winter. Hence, bonfire is the key part of Lohri.

·        Lohri is linked always with harvest season as it is the harvest period of many crops like rabi, sugarcane, radish, etc. So many of the sugarcane products and other nuts become important part of Lohri celebration

·        Sarson da saag, make di roti which are the most famous punjabi dishes are also eaten on this festival along with sweet dish made up of jaggery and nuts.

·        Kite flying is also a part of this celebration.

·        The next day of the Lohri is considered as the new financial year by the Punjabi farmers.

·        Punjabi people also associate Lohri to the story of Dulla Bhatti. He lived in Punjab during the reign of Emperor Akbar. He looted rich people and rescued poor punjabi people. Hence some lohri songs depict his story.

·        Lohri is also celebrated in the same way by Sindhi community. They call this festival as Lal Loi.

·        Lohri comes from the word “loh” which means warmth and light of the fire.

·        Fire is always considered to be very powerful and pure as gold. So people consider fire as a sacred thing and believe that it can bring transformation in their lives.

·        People offer laddu, gajak, chivra, etc to the bonfire considering it to be the Sun god.



                  During this day small children go from home to home singing lori songs and dancing and also asking offeirngs for Lori celebration in their locality. People offer sweet dishes to these little children.

Dancing is always considered to be the glory of Punjabis. Their folk dance “ Bhangda” and “Gidha” are the intrinsic part of the Lohri festival. People of the locality gather together around the bonfire with all colorful clothes and they are ready on their toes to do bhangda and gidha to the beat of the dhol. The folk dance of the Punjabis grace the festival more, hence making it more special and energetic.





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