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Guru Nanak Jayanti: Birth anniversary and a sacred festival

1/2/2015 4:24:00 AM

Guru Nanak Jayanti is one of the most sacred festivals in Sikhism. It marks the birth anniversary of the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak. He was the founder of the religion of Sikhism. Guru Nanak was responsible for shaping the beliefs of the Sikhs. On the eve of Guru Nanak Jayanti Sikhs celebrate and pray. He was born into a Hindu Khatri family. When he was born an astrologer was called to write his horoscope. When he came to his house he insisted on seeing the child. Everybody was amazed by his behaviour. When he saw the child he worshiped him and for casted that he would become a great religious personality in the future. Nanak showed his interest in divine subjects from a very young age. In the school the teachers were astonished by his divine knowledge. He used to describe about the unity or oneness of God. There are many incidents which made him a religious personality. In his early age he used to tell that there is no Hindu Muslim thing. All are one. All are the children of one G

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Bhagat Singh: Acts of Bravery -2

1/7/2015 3:05:00 AM

 After the assignation of John P. Saunders who was an Assistant Superintendent of Police, the british government was shaken from the roots. They should have found out the reasons for the discontent. Instead they took more repressive measures. They brought a bill named ‘Defence of India Act ’. It gave the police a free hand. Now they can arrest persons to stop processions. In addition to that they can also arrest suspicious persons whom they thought were involved in anti british activities. The whole country was against the bill. These days Bhagat Singh was hiding from the police. When he heard about the bill he was unhappy. He decided to protest. He along with Batukeshwar Dutt planned to throw a bomb in the Central Assembly Hall while the session was going on. Their motive was to protest in a peaceful way. They didn’t want to hurt anybody. They also decided to throw pamphlets about Indian Independence. Furthermore they decided not to run away from the scene.

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Bhagat Singh: Acts of Bravery -1

1/7/2015 3:11:00 AM

 1.      In 1919, Bhagat Singh was a teenager but his heart was filled with a thought for contributing to Indian Independence. Jallianwala Bagh massacre occurred at that period of time. When he heard about it this little boy eyes were filled with tears. He decided to visit the place. He saw blood soaked people lying here and there. In addition, he saw the well people used to kill themselves from the bullets of the police. Further he saw the wall covered with peoples blood. He started crying but his courage made him control himself. He had a bottle. He filled the bottle with blood soaked mud and returned home. He placed the bottle in the middle of the room and started to perform a ritualistic pooja. After some time her younger sister came into the room and asked him what he is doing. He told her that he is performing the last rites for the martyrs who lost their lives in the battle of freedom. 2.      The struggle of Independe

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Fathers day: A day to remember the legends

1/7/2015 3:29:00 AM

 Father’s day is a very special day. We should not limit it by just wishing our parental father. The word father has a very deep meaning. We also call father a person who has contributed in some way to the society. There are many of them. I would be writing about some of the people who you would like to remember on this father’s day. Dhirubhai Ambani:  He is the known as the father of one of the biggest companies. He founded Reliance Industries in 1966. He was one of the most successful businessmen in India. He started as small time worker and after some time he founded Reliance Industries, Reliance Power and Reliance Capital. Ratan Tata: He is a businessmen and chairman of Tata Group. He is one of the powerful CEO in India. He has received many awards for his work which includes Padma Vibhushan. If we hear the names like Tata Indica and Tata Nano one name comes in our mind which is Ratan Tata. Mahatama Gandhi: In India he is known as ‘Father of Nat

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Part 4: Feature you would love about DESIEVITE

1/7/2015 3:37:00 AM

 My previous blogs made you aware about the features of the homepage, registration page and the user’s homepage. You must have started falling in love with DesiEvite. That’s why I decided to tell you about another feature. It is about how to view and select an invitation or e-card. There are many ways to do that. First method is to click on the invitation or e-cards shown on homepage when you open desievite. If it does not display the invitation or e-cards you are searching click on more category button. Before doing that there are some categories displayed there. If you wish to send an invitation or e-card of these categories click on the respective category. You would be presented with the invitation or the e-cards belonging to the category. Second method works after you log in. After logging you are taken to your homepage. As I told you in my previous blogs that user’s homepage is divided into two parts. The first part contains the link and the other par

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Memorial Day: A time to show gratitude

1/7/2015 3:44:00 AM

 God has made the man with a brain. Brain has the ability to store information with can be used latter. Man stores the sweet and bitter memories in the brain. These memories are the act of a human being like our family members, teachers, friends or anybody with whom the man interacts. One of the days to bring out the memories stored in the brain and thank the people is the Memorial Day. Memorial Day was first celebrated in United States to remember all the war heroes who sacrificed their life in the wars. On this day people go to their tombs, put flowers and pray for a few minutes. We can also celebrate this day in our countries by going to their tombs or we can pray for them in our homes. We should remember what they sacrificed for our safety. They are away from their home, they are away from their comfort, they are away from their loved ones. It’s their sacrifices which make us stay at our home safely. On this day we should thank them. Another set of people which sho

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Part 3: Feature you would love about DESIEVITE

1/7/2015 3:48:00 AM

 Now you are familiar with desievite’s home & registration page. You are loving these features. You want to explore. You have a curiosity of knowing about other features. Let me tell you about user’s home page which is customized according to your needs. After registration you must have verified your account by clicking on the link you received in your mailbox. That’s great. Now you are ready to login. Please enter your e-mail id in the e-mail id textbox and password in password textbox. One more step is required. You have to press the enter key.Just Kidding.  If the system thinks everything is correct you are taken to the home page. Home page is like your name plate you put on your home’s gate so that people can easily find you. User’s home page is a little different. It greets you. It welcomes you. It tells you that how important you are to us. It shows your picture and below the picture it shows the number of invitation you have sent

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Part 2: Feature you would love about DESIEVITE

1/7/2015 3:50:00 AM

We are done with Desievite’s homepage. If you have taken out sometime to go through it you have noticed that these features are helpful. These features are incorporated into desievite after a lot of thinking. Now let’s move to the Desievite registration page. I know that you like the homepage. You are eager to register. On the home page click on signup icon or at the top click on register icon. After performing any one of these tasks you are taken to the user registration page. The user registration page is short and simple. It only asks you to fill your full name, e-mail id, password and the security check. After clicking on register you are fifty per cent done. Registration is an important process but we want you to access the resources like e-cards and invitations. That’s why we have made the registration process short and simple one. It just takes a maximum of two to three minutes. After registration you are half done. A verification e-mail is sent in y

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Part 1: Feature you would love about DESIEVITE

1/7/2015 3:54:00 AM

Desievite is a unique portal for sending e-cards and invitation. Desievite was started by 4eGuru.  When it was started people used to pay money to send invitations and e-cards. 4eGuru noticed that and it launched DESIEVITE which is completely free till now.  A gift for the internet users. Whenever a user opens a website he/she goes to the home page. Our home page displays what you are going to get when you register yourself. It tells you that you can send invitation and e-cards, you can track your guest responses. It also shows the invitation and e-cards of the current event that is going to occur. A few days ago Graduation Day was celebrated. The intelligent system shows the Graduation Day invitation and e-card on the top. It could be a boon to a person who doesn’t remember dates.  Father’s day is coming soon so it is showing father’s day invitation at the top. Desievite is made for the worldwide use. It is not targeted to the users of certain

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Graduation day a MILESTONE and an ADVANCEMENT in the life

1/7/2015 3:57:00 AM

 Graduation day is one of the most popular days in the life of a student. It started in 1432 at Oxford University. It is the special day when he/she graduates from high school and is awarded with the academic degree of a "graduate". On this day a ceremony is held in which every bachelor graduating from an institution has to deliver a speech stating what he has achieved in the institution and how he is feeling after graduating. This ceremony ends by throwing hats in the air. On this day he completes his studies and is going to receive an academic degree. After this day he moves up in the life. Now he is going to begin the life of a professional. Whatever he has learnt in school or college he is going to apply in the professional world. After this day the expectation of his family and other people starts to increase. He becomes a mature adult. Now he is ready to take the most important decisions of his life. When we are studying our teachers help us to build our cha

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