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Birth of Lord Kartikeya Son of Lod Shiva and Goddess Pravati

10/19/2012 11:27:00 PM

Once upon a time there was a demon called Taraka. He always tried to hurt the Gods by his evil actions but he failed. He was very unhappy. He decided to perform a long and difficult tapasya. This pleased Lord Brahma. He gave him the boon that only a son of Lord Shiva could kill him. This made Taraka more proud. Taraka assumed Shiva would never marry again, and rampaged across the Earth. He started thinking that nobody in the heaven or earth can kill him. He started killing the Gods. He also destroyed the properties in heaven and earth. Gods went to Lord Brahma to ask for help but Lord Brahma said that only a son of Lord Shiva would be able to kill a demon named Tarak. Due to the death of his wife Sati Lord Shiva went in a state of deep meditation. Lord Indra told other Devas that it is only possible if Lord Shiva marries Goddess Parvati. In addition to that he told the Gods that they have to do something to bring Lord Shiva out from the state of deep meditation. Parvati was the reinca

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