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Sri Satyanarayana Puja Stories - 2

Friday, July 6, 2012 | 3:39:00 AM

Long ago there was a king named Tungdhwaj. He was famous for his kindness to his subjects.

One day, he went hunting in a forest. After hunting for a long time he became tired and sat down under a tree. There he saw a few villagers doing the prayer of Lord Satyanarayana. His false ego neither made him to join them nor bowed down to the idol of the Lord. When the villagers gave him the prasad, he did not accept it and went away from there but he didn’t know the result of his action.

When the King reached his Kingdom he was stunned. He saw that everything was destroyed. All his 100 sons were lying dead on the floor. Suddenly the King realised that this had happened all due to his false ego. He remembered that he had shown disrespect towards Lord Satyanarayana. He started thinking of correcting his mistake.

He started walking towards the place where the villagers were doing their prayers. There, with them, he did the prayers of Lord Satyanarayana , had the prasad ,the charna-amrit  and put it in all his son's mouths. Then a miracle happened. All his sons were alive. He got back all his wealth, comforts of life and finally in the end, after he died, he went to heaven.

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