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Part 1: Feature you would love about DESIEVITE

Wednesday, January 07, 2015 | 3:54:00 AM

Desievite is a unique portal for sending e-cards and invitation. Desievite was started by 4eGuru.  When it was started people used to pay money to send invitations and e-cards. 4eGuru noticed that and it launched DESIEVITE which is completely free till now.  A gift for the internet users.

Whenever a user opens a website he/she goes to the home page. Our home page displays what you are going to get when you register yourself. It tells you that you can send invitation and e-cards, you can track your guest responses. It also shows the invitation and e-cards of the current event that is going to occur. A few days ago Graduation Day was celebrated. The intelligent system shows the Graduation Day invitation and e-card on the top. It could be a boon to a person who doesn’t remember dates.  Father’s day is coming soon so it is showing father’s day invitation at the top.

Desievite is made for the worldwide use. It is not targeted to the users of certain region only. 4eGuru thought about it and the developers there included multi language support. It is a unique feature targeting the users around the world. The help for using this feature is displayed on the homepage.
It also shows the invitation designs and e-cards. You can choose directly from here. In this way your time is saved. It is like the shopping mart at your doorstep. Now you would be feeling that desievite is easy to use and it is a fact that desievite is easy to use. Every day we are working to make desievite friendly to use.

You came to desievite and glanced the invitation and e-card but you are not satisfied. No problems. Next to the invitation designs and e-cards we are showing the most important categories that are frequently used.  Click on a category and view the invitation. If still you are not satisfied click on more category. It shows you all the categories. Now I think that you would be happy.

It also shows the festival calendar. All the festivals accumulated at one place. Now you would know on which date which festival is going to be celebrated and you can send the invitation and e-cards.

It also shows the public events and the testimonials.

You can visit the homepage at

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