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Manipuri Pre-Wedding Rituals

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 | 4:56:00 AM


Manipur, which is also known as the ‘land of gems’, is one of the north-eastern states of India. This state is famous for unique customs and traditions. Weddings form an important part of the lives of the people of Manipur. The weddings are lively and colourful which makes it a grand affair similar to a festival. In certain tribes girls and boys get an opportunity to know each other before marriage. In certain tribes girls go to market to purchase goods. This gives the couple to know each other. Special kind of rules and customs are observed. Some of the most common rituals are described below.



This is the first step and the very first pre-wedding ritual. This ritual is a meeting. The groom’s parent visits the bride's house. Here the parents of both parties sit together and match the horoscope. If everything is found satisfactory the date of the next meeting is fixed otherwise the proposal stands cancel.


Yathang thanaga

This is the second stage of wedding. The bride parents visit the house of the groom. They inquire about the boy’s family background. If they are satisfied with the information then the alliance is finally fixed.


Waraipot puba

This is the third stage of wedding. In this ritual food items are brought by the grooms family to the bride's house. The food items mostly consists of traditional sweets and other dishes. This turns the occasion into a celebration.



This is the engagement ceremony where couple are formally engaged in the presence of both the families. The groom's family visit the house of the bride along with family members. On this occasion the close members of the bride are also present there. A priest is called to look after the proceedings. On this occasion the date of marriage is also declared by the priest.

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