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Kannada Pre-Wedding Rituals

Friday, December 28, 2012 | 5:41:00 AM

Kannada marriages are the weddings conducted in the state of Karnataka.In performance, Kannada marriage resembles the traditional Hindu marriage. However, the customs and traditions observed do differ according to the region they are practiced in. Kannada Marriage is a lengthy affair and constitutes of many rituals that are practiced before the actual wedding day. The wedding is usually arranged by the elders in the family. After the fixing of the union, the horoscopes of bride and the groom are matched and a date for the engagement party is set. This is done in the presence of a priest. Some of the rituals are very interesting. Kannada marriages are very meaningful and filled with joy.


Nischay Tamulam or Fixing of the Alliance


Nischay Tamulam is the ritual of fixing of marriage. In this ceremony parents of the bride and groom and everyone agreed to fix the marriage are present. Family of the groom presents the bride with a sari, blouse piece, coconut and fruits. In return, the family of the bride presents a dhoti, fruits and coconuts. As this ritual of exchanging gift goes on, the pandit recites mantras.



This ritual is performed independtly at the bride and the groom's places. This is done to ensure that the marriage takes place smoothly.It is conducted by priests to honour the ancestors of both families and for a long and prosperous married life for the couple.


Hawan is conducted in both the houses of the bride and groom on the occasion of marriage.


Kaashi Yaatra

Kaashi is another name for varanasi. It is the centre of vedic culture and knowledge to Hindus in India. In the older times when a male child graduated he used to stay there and take up sainthood.


In this ritual the groom pretends to go on a Kaashi Yaatra. He tell everybody that he has left all the worldly pleasures such as marriage, relations and properties and is no more interested in leading a family life. He is then stopped by the brother of the bride. This ritual is added to have some fun. When the groom persuades he is carried back to the mandap where the actual wedding is going to take place.

Dev Karya

This ceremony performed when the groom's family arrives to the bride's village. In this ceremony, whatever the gifts of marriage are placed in front of the Idol of Lord Ganesha for his blessings. After that, turmeric paste apply to both the bodies of bride and the groom to make their skin glow and fragrant.






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