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Tuesday, April 25, 2017 | 11:52:00 PM

I explore thee in the glorious sunrise over the lake,
I search thee in the joyous flight of birds,
I wish the bright sun rays would fill my heart with cheers,
I hope the spirit of freedom will uplift my emotions,
Yet I feel an emptiness in me overshadowing your existence.

I chase thee in the drifting clouds,
I pursue thee in the green mountain valleys,
I wish you would fill my instincts with the cloudlike divine ecstasy,
I hope you would paint my mind with the valley's eternal gaiety,
Yet I can't discover you in the wonders of nature.

I gaze thee amidst twinkling stars in starry nights,
I probe thee in the moon light over the dark shadows,
I wish you would comfort me from my agony and distress,
I hope you would give me strength to overcome my fears,
Yet I mysteriously elude you from my feelings and emotions.

I seek thee in the deep blue eyes of my love,
I quest thee in the money and riches,
I wish your love would last forever in me,
I hope money and wealth would bring some glitter in me,
Yet I am disheartened as I can't find you in materialistic pleasures.

I know you are waiting for me somewhere,
I would love you with deep passion,
I wish my pain and sorrow would be replaced with joy with your touch,
I hope my dreams and hopes would come alive with your presence,
Yet only if I could just find you somewhere.

Posted By Jay P Narain

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