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Folk Dance of Jharkhand

Friday, April 05, 2013 | 4:13:00 AM

A dance performance is not meant for entertainment. It can also express one's feelings, some story or any other event. A dance can also reflect the culture, traditions and beliefs of people living in that region. The same is also true with the different folk dances of Jharkhand.
Karma Munda

It is one of the most popular folk dances amongst the tribal habitant in the state. It gets its name from the Karma tree which is the sign of fertility in the state. Tribal people of this state worship this tree. The people believe that it brings good luck and prosperity. The folk dance is performed in the month of August during the Karma festival. This dance can be performed by both men and women. The festival starts with the plantation of trees. The procedure is started with the females who offered a handful amount of barley to the males there and then those offer it to the Karma tree. Drums are used in the procedure which is beaten by the males there in a very rhythmic tune.  All the men and women dance around the Karma tree by their hands on each other shoulder.


It is one of the most famous dances of this state. It is performed by the males only because the steps of the dance contain martial arts. It is very interesting to watch this dance. It offers a thrilling entertainment to your eyes as the men risk their lives to perform it. The dancers have to handle a sword in one hand and the shield in other. For protection, they are dressed with safety chest plates and head wears and bells are tied on their ankles. It is accompanied by the melodious music of Narsingha, Shahnai, Bheir and the Dhak and Nagara drums.


Santhal is another very popular folk dance of Jharkhand. It It is a group dance performed by Santhal tribes of Jharkhand. This dance is performed by the Santhal tribes during all special festivals and occasions. This dance not only reveals the culture or traditions of the local tribes but also showcases the strength of unity. Colorful costumes worn by the tribal people make the dance vibrant to watch. The center of attraction is their body decoration with various species of flora. The Santhal tribes are known to be very close to the nature and they used the natural things such as leaves, branches and flowers to do their make-up and design their clothes.

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