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First Impression on my visit to for Web-based E-Invitation!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 | 8:18:00 AM

Hello Everyone,

Here is my account of the experience I had on my 'first' DesiEvite's visit, account creation and sending of E-invitation -

When I visited for the first time I saw the simplicity of its aesthetics which is highly pleasing to the eye.

I got myself successfully registered to in the first instance itself after extensive browsing through its sub-categories!

I must let you all know that this is my first e-invitation account on a website via. which, I opened after some extensive comparison done with other website like, and and I must affirm that is much simpler to use.

I confess that DesiEvite has lot many ceremonial categories; and, the site does have the potential for generating more of such specific scenarios of customizable and user-demographic oriented cultural and ritual based categories...with the goodwill of the whole team from DesiEvite!!

The orange band used on the page for finding details of various categories through pop-up drop down menu is great and eye catching!!

There may be comparatively lack of little bits of shuttle projection in dynamic features and background colours but, the site is highly responsive, clear and crisp!!!

So, I will personally say - good luck for all future successes and endeavours of DesiEvite.

I hope you all continue to find the 'real Heart' as big as that on Pluto as shown in the picture below, from every DesiEvite costumer!!!!!

Down below I am also giving you - my experienced personal profile on my first time registration on DesiEvite and the first e-invitation that I sent via. this wesite.


All Cheers,

Saurabh Kumar.





My Registration and Login for the first time: -


The Registration seemed to have worked fluently and effective in the first trial itself for me. Here is how I approached it myself:


1. First I clicked the 'Register' Button on the top right of the main web page.

2. It takes me to the digital Registration Form having following options: -


                                        Sign up with Facebook Account,     
                                        Sign up with your Email Account.


 3. I chose: Signing up with my Email Account that had following fields required to be filled: -


                  - Name,

                  - Phone Number,

                  - Email,

                  - Password, and...

                  - Enter the code as it is shown in the image


4. I filled all the above obligated fields and Pressed the Button 'Register Now!' lying just below these fields.

5. A pop up command showed up notifying that the password must be of 4 to 8 characters only. I had filled a longer one so I amended my mistake to the required limit and again pressed the Button 'Register Now!' on the same page.

6. This time, I succeeded, and was then taken the Account Verification page which, stated that a one time Verification Code has been sent to my email that I filled in the Registration Form.

7. I then went to this email account of mine, got login and searched for any mail sent to me from and I found one with the title 'Welcome to!'


8. I opened this Email and found a 9 digit Verification code which, I copied; and also, I found a link that was required to click in order to confirm my DesiEvite Account. I pressed this link and the new page also asked for Verification Code and I pasted the copied code in the required field and pressed the Button 'Verify.'


9. This took me to another page stating Congratulation on successful registration to!


10. Then, I did a normal login with the email and password and found my account on I was now registered member of DesiEvite for the first time.


    As a conclusion, I must confess that the registration process was pretty easy and straight forward. The registration was hassle free for me! The process of Registration here is normal and almost ubiquitous to most recognised commercial service oriented websites like etc!! It took me 2-3 minutes to register this site.



On sending my first Electronic Invitations:-


So, once my account on got created, I went to My Account page on this site. There, I had 8 options, namely:


            1. Upcoming Events,

            2. Saved As Draft,

            3. Event Calender,

            4. Past Events,

            5. Cancelled Events,

            6. Sent Invitations,

            7. Sent Ecards and lastly,

            8. My Blog


I wanted to create my first event through e-invitation. So, I went to the Home page and browsed a little and then, clicked on the big large button on the middle of the page called 'Create An Invitation.' I pressed this button and a new page of 'Free Online All Designs Invitation' opened up. Thereafter, I did the following steps to create my first invitation to family: -


1. I did some browsing to find a good invitation card. I browsed through various page numbers for selecting a right card. One, must understand that via. this process I found all categories lying intermingled on all the pages. There were different invitation categories from birthday, marriage, festival, get-together, parties and many more all jumbled up together in this option. However, I tried to search a right invitation by this option itself.


2. I then, previewed many options and subsequently, chose the Independence Day Celebration option; because, this day was date wise the closest match at this time of the year


3. On selecting the Independence Day Celebration option, I was taken to a new page for creating or filling all the details on this invitation card. The page had five sections: -


        a. The a demy pre-viewable and editable version of the same invitation card,

        b. The invitation card's details fillable zone; having following areas to be filled on the card:

                - Language Selection (11 Language Options: English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Malayalam, Oriya, Tamil, & Telugu)

                - Program Topic,

                - Invitation By,

                - Phone Number,

                - Event Date,

                - Event Time,

                - PM/AM for time the day,

                - Venue/Location,

                - Address,

                - City,

                - Country,

                - State/Province,

                - Zip Code,

                - Add Map, and

                - Message to Guest (The Invitation Message itself)


        c. Options on Invitations as a whole. They are:


                - Limit per guest (from 1 to 10 or nolimit),

                - Total Number of People who can attend (from 1 to 9999),

                - Hide/Unhide Guest List from other people except the inviter

                - Reminder Section: -

                   i. Reminder selection option for all forms of guests who have responded to the invitation either - YES(Positively) or No(Negatively) or Viewed but remained undecided (Unsure).

                   ii. Days before the event the Reminders to be sent automatically (from 7 to 1 or No Reminders)

                   iii. Selecting option for Emailing the inviter/organiser when and if a guest replies to the invitation, and lastly,

                   iv. Option of selection to make the Event public for everyone to see.


         d. SMS Settings - This is a new selection optional feature from DesiEvite and has the option to send SMS to recipients who are being registered below in this form with their mobile numbers in the Add Guest Details section. There are some inaugural conditions for now though. They are -


                                 SMS Feature is available only for India.

                                 50 SMS Credit per User.

                                 To Increase SMS Credit Contact us i.e. DesiEvite Admin


         e.   Adding Guest Details Section:

                          It has following options: -


                                  i. Address Book Importer,

                                 ii. My Address Book,

                                iii. Recipient Name and Recipient Email with option to add a maximum of 50 RSPVs recipients at a time for one event invitation; adding more may require contacting at administration email address:;

                                 iv. There is a selection option of adding all the above recipient to the Address Book with their respective names and Emails.

         f.  The Last section is about checking the preview of e-invitation and then formally sending it. It consists of 4 parts:


                       - Previewing Email,

                       - Previewing Organizer,

                       - Previewing Guest,

                       - Save As Draft (This option vanishes from the page a lot) & lastly,

                       - Sending the Invitation formally.


4. I filled all the above required section in the form, previewed the invitation as described in section (e) and then, sent the invitation to the desired recipients including myself by pressing the button 'SEND INVITATION.'


5. A new page opened on the same tab acknowledging that the invitation has been sent successfully!


     My conclusion on this whole experience of sending invitation for the first time has been of mixed feeling in terms of easiness and realization of what to do specifically.

I claim that earlier, I almost missed the section (c) and its importance in regards to setting up of terms and conditions on the invitation. By the way, this is an important aspect managing and realizing the limitations of 'logistics' in organizing any successful event; along with setting up of reminder policies and acknowledgement on response given to an invitation. They are key to effective event organizing. I missed it because I cannot understand that the arrows on its title signifies a drop down menu to fill in those specific details.

Other aspect that I think is very important is that of the 'form filling methodology' via. guest addresses and their personalised maintenance in the Address Book in order to generate their efficient and fast recovery of data for just in case for required scheduling and organizing of strict time bound events at any given phase.

The third thing that I focused on are the 'fields' themselves that were provided to be filled on an e-invitation card of particular category or event; like for here, the example of the Independence Day Celebration event. Fields of a given event are key to specifying the particulars of event that define or summarises the properties of the event to the invitee in short with precision so that the invitee knows about the event without wasting much time and therefore, responds to the invitation promptly!!

So, these are the key factors that I learned from my first e-invitation event creation and it's successful sending on




All the best DesiEvite,

Saurabh Kumar,

Ghaziabad UP (INDIA).

Posted By Saurabh Kumar

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