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Fathers day: Parenthood

Wednesday, June 13, 2012 | 11:53:00 PM

Becoming parents takes determination. When a child comes in the life of a parent, he/she has to understand that he automatically has given some responsibility. Parenthood is a difficult phase of life because when a child is born he is not mobile. He learns a lot from his parents.

Parenthood comes before the child is born. When a child is in mother’s tomb he also learns a little from there. It is the responsibility of the father to take care of the pregnant mother. He has to keep the mother tension free. He has to fulfil his wife every wish so that she is happy. He has to take care of her. He has to spend quality time with her. He has to tell her to keep good thoughts because thought have an effect on the child’s mind that is still to be born. It is not an easy task for a working father. He has to go out of the house to earn an income. He gets tired when he comes home. He has to manage many things in the house because the mother needs rest. He also has to take care of the mother. He has some additional responsibility. He has to balance his physical and social life.

Now the child is born. A father has to take care of the needs of the child. He has to sacrifice some of the habits. If he wakes up late in the morning he has to wake up early. He also has to take care of the child when the mother is busy with the household work. He has to maintain healthy surroundings so that the child cultivates go habit. If they have any misunderstands they have to solve them calmly because the child could interpret it wrongly. He should scold the child in a decent way. If the child demands anything which can’t be fulfilled then the father has to explain this with caution. This would have a good effect on the child. Father has to always spend quality time with the child because money can’t fulfil all the needs of a child. Money can’t buy love, affection and parenthood.

Parenthood is a difficult phase. It has to be driven with caution. One wrong step and the parenthood is in the mess.

Happy Father’s Day to all you studs out there who are blessed with a kid.

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