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Fathers day: A times to remember the transitions.

Thursday, June 14, 2012 | 12:39:00 AM

Change is a continuous process. Even non-living things change. In the same way human beings also change. When we are born we are an infant and after times passes away we transform into an adult. In the same way a man also go through the change.

Infant:  When he is born he is the infant. He is unaware of the world and the responsibilities. He is cared by his father or mother. Whenever he cries, father or mother understands that he needs something and fulfils his needs. The infant depends a lot on his parents.

Teenager:  After a few years the infant becomes a child. He starts recognizing his parents. He starts speaking. He starts crawling. He starts learning. He starts going into the school. He starts forming good and bad habits. He starts eating solid food. He starts mixing with people. He makes new friends. This is the most important time of transformation because this is the period of building foundation.
Adult: After several years he matures. He becomes an adult. He starts taking his/her decisions. He starts going to the college. He understands his responsibility. He starts earning. He becomes independent.  He even starts taking care of his family.

Husband:  When he is in his thirties he gets married. He becomes more responsible. Now he has more responsibility. He has to take care of his parents along with his wife. He maintains the delicate thread between two families.
Father: He becomes the father of his children. He now has more responsibilities. When he becomes a father he remembers his childhood. He remembers his father. He remembers his love and care. He remembers how his father fulfilled his smallest wish. He remembers his scolding’s. He sees the albums in which he has gathered his childhood memories.

Grandfather: Now he has played his part. He lives in comfort. He starts taking care of the grandchildren. He takes them to the park. He plays with them. He loves them a lot as he loved his children.

Let’s remember our father on this annual day. Let’s bring smile on their faces. The best way is to give them a gift. It could be an e-card also. Please send them an e-card from www.  which is a dedicated portal for sending e-card. It has a great and the newest collection of Father’s day e-cards. The most important is that it is free.

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