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Desievite New Feature: Check it out

Thursday, January 24, 2013 | 12:15:00 AM

Android Apps

These days technology is changing very rapidly. Desktops have changed into laptops. Soon laptops would be changed to tablets. These days you can also access internet on you mobile. That’s a great revolution.  You carry a mobile most of the time so internet is finger tips away.


You can also access DesiEvite on your mobile which has an Android operating system. DesiEvite provides you an App. It is small software which you can download with ease on you mobile. Once you install it you get an access to most of the features on your mobile. You would find this App on the DesiEvite homepage. Now DesiEvite is a few fingertips away.   


1-2-3 steps when sending e-card & e-invitation

Suppose your friend lives at some other place. You have to take a route which has lot of turns. For a couple of times he takes you to his home. Once he tells you that he is busy and you have to come on your own. Now you start and get lost. Suppose these roads have sign boards. You call your friend and ask for important junction. This time when you start you follow these signs boards and reach his home very easily.


Sending an invitation is a three step process. It includes selecting an invitation, personalizing it to your need and adding the guests. We have added a banner which shows you what are doing. It is same as the sign board. When you are executing the first step it would highlight “Select an occasion/Event”. Same is true with the remaining three steps. It increases understand ability and you would be never confused. 


New layout and design in e-invitation page

A house looks mess if it is not designed properly in the beginning. At the time of designing we also plan the layout of the house like door would be at a specific place, windows would be at some other place. When the house is completed it looks perfect.


We have separated the invitation from the other functionalities. Now you would see the whole invitation in half pane. The other halve would display the other functionalities like Guest response, editing an invitation and sharing photos of the event.  It gives a great look to our interface and increases readability.     

 Adding Indian wedding information in Blog

DesiEvite runs a blog service which is integrated in the portal. You would find a lot of wedding related blogs belonging to different culture. It is updated frequently every week. Please visit the page and find out more about the diverse culture of India. If you want to include a blog belonging to your area you can submit a request. We would love to post it.

 Visit Business directory search page

DesiEvite provides party services & business promotion facilities/option to all party services & business, who would like to promote their business on this popular social media platform. For this purpose it has made an online directory called Party Resources Directory. A user can got there and search information like wedding party hall, wedding items and gifts. In addition to that if a user wants to promote his business he can add an ad for free.  The search page works like the google or yahoo search engine. Please visit the page and take a look at this robust feature.

Latest designs in both e-card & e-invitation

We keep adding new designs to e-card & e-invitation categories. The categories which are constantly updated are birthday and wedding. Other categories are also updated on a regular basis so that the user has enough options to choose. We have also added sub-categories to the designs so that a user can find the design which suits his needs very easily.  You just have to keep visiting these categories. You can also submit a new design request if you need one.

Better user support

One of the goals behind running the site is to provide user with the upmost satisfaction. It should be a two way process. We invite the user to provide us the feedback so that we can improve. We give the feedback the highest priority.  We are constantly sending e-mails to know their view on the whole process. If it has not landed into your inbox, it would be there soon. We also invite them to provide us with the enhancements they would like to see. We have also added some of the requests from the users like, the user can import the contacts from the excel file.


Gmail Contact Importer

This functionality lets you import or transfer all your gmail conatcts to your guest list and if you have checked the other functionality “Add to address book” it gets added into DesiEvite address book. Next time when you return you have to open you address book and add guests to your invitation directly. It saves a lot of time and effort. For the time being it works with internet explorer only. You can concentrate on your invitation design and customization.  It is a nice feature to have and fall in love with.   


Please be in touch with desievite to get more updates.

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