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December 12th: Feast day of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Monday, December 10, 2012 | 3:21:00 AM

Before the Christmas season the Mexicans celebrate the feast of La Virgen de Guadalupe. She is also known as Our Lady of Guadalupe. In additon to that she is the most famous and celebrated of all saints and she is also known as the Virgen Morena. This event bonds the people of Mexico and the Catholic Church.

There is a story associated with this Saint. The story goes like this. She was on his way to a monastery. When she was passing the hill of Tepeyac she heard a lady signing. Due to her personality the sky turned brilliant. When she finished signing she heard a call from a woman. As she knelt before her she identified herself as the consummate virgin Saint Mary, mother of the true deity, God, the giver of Life, the creator of all, the ever present lord of heaven and earth”. Then she then asked for a temple to be built on the so that she could attend to the weeping, sorrows and prayers of all the people of the land.

While he tried to rely this sighting to the Bishop she had no proof and was afraid to offend the deity so she returned to the hill and once again she saw her and she told him to pick some Castilian Roses and return to the Bishop with the roses that were very uncommon to the area at that time. With this miracle the Bishop then believed Juan Diego’s story and shortly thereafter there was a Basilica built on that site in honour of The Virgin Guadalupe.

Dia de Guadalupe is more important for many Mexicans that Easter or Christmas and is celebrated with parades, pilgrimages and fiestas throughout much of Mexico and most of Latin America.S ome of the pilgrims arrive on their knees as a sign of their enormous devotion and gratitude for a favour received. There are many groups of dancers and musicians  that have come to offer their art. A mass is organised which shows the spiritual richness of the people. Fire crackers are also burst on the day. This day is to celebrate to express our love this Saint 

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