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A grand tour of India

Monday, April 03, 2017 | 10:33:00 PM

My trip to India is coming to a close. Here are some of my thoughts....

A grand tour of India,
Conceived after weeks of planning,
I will go east, west, north and south,
All excited I land in Delhi.

The friends departed with one excuse or other,
I decided to take the trip on my own,
A trip to meet my brothers , sisters and friends,
A trip to see my nephews and nieces and all my grand children.

Was the royal palace in Mysore more inviting,
Than the humble home of my nieces, brothers and sisters?
Was the eternal symbol of love Taj Mahal,
Moe inspiring than the unspoken love of couples in our family?

The loneliness creates a vacuum in the heart,
Only to be filled with affection from elders and friends of fifty years past,
The cute smile, talks and affectionate plays of grand children,
Creates the fulfilling aura of unconditional love.

A trip made after too many years,
Worth more than the cruises and vacation trips,
The faces, smiles and acts of kindness from my family members,

Will stay in my memory and heart for years to come.

Thank you all!

Posted By Jay P Narain

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