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7/21/2009 6:14:00 AM

There are so many times of wedding rituals that are followed in India. Here we shall concentrate on various types of wedding and to begin with here is a detail on the way the Maharashtrian's conduct their weddings. The rituals followed in the marriage are reflect the indigenous Maharashtrian vibrant and colorful culture. Usually, marriages among the Maharashtrians take place in the morning, because the auspicious time (muhurat) chosen for the wedding generally falls in the day time. The wedding ceremonies last for about three days (including the pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals). The rituals followed during the occasion are simple, yet very impressive, which makes the spectator say that Maharashtrian wedding is truly amazing! Among the many regional communities living in India, Maharashtrians perhaps have the simplest and least opulent marriage ceremony. Though it differs substantially from the Brahmins along the graph to the tribals, certain elements remain constant and co

Posted by: sandhu

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