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Tamil Pre-Wedding Rituals

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 | 7:21:00 AM

A Tamil wedding is a joyous celebration. It lasts for two to three days. In the olden times it used to last for seven days. Both the bride's family and groom's side plays a significant role in the organizing the wedding. Tamil weddings are very vibrant and colourful. It consists of lots of singing, dancing and fun-filled

processions which reflect the Indian culture. Kanjeevaram silk sarees is a common feature of the wedding.





Wedding is considered as a very important turning point in the couple's life. This is the reason why, marriage is given supreme importance and a number of ceremonies are conducted before, during and after it. Here is the detail description of Tamil pre-wedding rituals.



Panda Kaal Muhurtham: This is the first pre-wedding ritual conducted by the Tamil families. It is conducted in order to seek blessings from the Almighty. It is a short ritual. It is performed a day prior to the wedding. Both the families offer prayers to God so that the wedding is conducted without any hassle.



Receiving the Groom: When the groom's family reaches the wedding venue on the morning one day before the wedding, they are greeted a tray containing flowers, beetle nuts, fruits and mishri. They are welcomed warmly by the bride's family. Rose water is also sprinkled on them.



Nandi Devata Pooja: This puja is performed by five married ladies in which they present the couple with gifts of cloth.



Vratham: It is a one day fast which is kept a day before the marriage. It is conducted by the bride as well as the groom. This ritual is performed in order to invoke blessings from their ancestors and the Almighty. Vedic hymns are also chanted by the priest.



Pallikai Thellichal: This ritual is performed one day before the wedding. Married women fill the clay pots with nine varieties of grains and then these pots are poured with water from either sides of the pot so that they can sprout. When these actions are performed traditional songs are also sung by the married women. When the grains sprout they are kept into a pond so that fishes can feed on them. This is done to get the blessing for the couple.



Naandi: Naandi ceremony is conducted by priests to honour the ancestors of both families and for a long and prosperous married life for the couple. This is done so that the wedding is carried on smoothly.



Jaanavaasam: In this ritual the groom arrives at the bride's house in a decorated care where he is greeted by the bride's brother. Traditional wedding songs are also sung by the musicians. Fireworks are also a part of the ritual.



Nicchiyadharatham: This puja is conducted in the presence of the priest where the bride along with her parents offers prayers to Lord Ganesh. This is performed so that all the obstacles banish during the marriage. The groom's family presents a new sari to the bride. In addition, a flower garland is tied around her waist. Aarti is done for the bride.



Reading Of Lagna Pathirigai: The priest conducts this ritual in which he reads aloud the details of the Lagna Pathirigai which includes the other details related to marriage, muhurtam and the venue for the wedding. After this is finished dinner is served for the guests.

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