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Sri Satyanarayana Puja Stories - 4

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 | 5:14:00 AM

In the ancient times a thief named Ghatam used to live in Rajpur which was ruled by Brahmapur. He used to steal things from people’s houses for his living but he had one good habit. He used to attend Satsang once in a while and listened to the disclosures of the Saint.
One day he called him and asked him to leave his current job. Ghatam told him that he is illiterate and stealing is the source of bread and butter for his family. In
addition to that if he quits his job what he would do to earn his living.

The Saint told him to do three things. First, he had to always tell the truth no matter what happens. Second, he had to pray daily to Sri Satyanarayana before going to the work. Third, either he has to attend a satsang daily or remember God for a few minutes daily. In addition to that he told him that if he follows these
instructions, this would bring peace and happiness in his life. Ghatam agreed to follows these instructions. The Saint used to travel to different towns. After a
couple of days he went to a different town.

A few days later he got a letter from the Saint. The Saint had requested him to attend a satsang in another town. It was very far away but he was eager to go there. He decided to steal a horse from the king’s stable. He went there. He saw that the door of the stable was guarded by the guards. The guards stopped him and asked what he is doing here. When he was about to reply it came to his mind that Saint has told him to tell the truth. Ghatam replied that he has come here to steal a horse. The guards thought that he was joking. He was an officer from the king’s court and allowed him to go inside.

Ghatam went inside the stable, choose a good horse, sat on it and started moving. He was again stopped at the gate for questioning. Again he told the truth that he was a thief. He had stolen this black horse to go to satsang in another town. The guards didn’t believe him. They thought that he is joking and allow him to go outside.

Ghatam reached the town in the evening. He tied the house to the tree and went inside to listen the disclosure of the Saint. In the mean while the king’s came to knew that his favourite white horse has been stolen. He ordered his guards to catch the thief and bring him to the court. They found the horse tied to the tree in front of the temple. They were not sure who had stolen the horse that’s why they waited for the disclosure to end. When the disclosure ended Ghatam came out of the temple. The guards recognised him. They arrested him and took him to the king’s court.
The king was very happy to find his favourite horse. He asked him why he stole the horse. Ghatam replied that he had stolen the horse to attend a satsang in another town. The guards also verified that he was telling the truth. Ghatam also told the king about the three things the Saint had told him to do in his entire life.
The king was pleased with his behaviour. He told the guards to release him. He gifted him the horse so that he can attend Saint’s disclosure without any problem. In addition to that he gave him lots of money so that he can live his life happily.
From that day Ghatam stopped stealing and started his new life. He became a good person and started a small business.

This was only possible by Lord Satyanarayan’s Grace.

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