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Sri Satyanarayana Puja Stories - 3 The Story of a Wood-cutter

Monday, August 20, 2012 | 7:54:00 AM

There was a Brahmin who performed Satyanarayan Puja with full faith and pure mind. His fate was changed. He transformed into a rich man from a poor beggar. People in Kashi were amazed by his overnight fate. A woodcutter used to live there. He was very poor. He used to work all day just for a few pennies. He always thought how he can change his life but he could not find a solution.

One day he decided to go to the Brahmin who was now a rich man. He went to him and asked for the secret. The rich man told him to perform Sri Satyanarayan Puja. He also told him the procedure to perform the Puja. In addition to that he told him the effect of the Puja. Furthermore he told him to perform the Puja with a pure mind. He also told him that whatever he earned in a day he can use the money for performing the puja. The woodcutter thanked him and went home.

He told his family members that in a few days he was going to perform Sri Satyanarayan Puja. Next day he went to work and earned a few pennies. He bought a few things and went home. Next day he started the Sri Satyanarayan Puja. Whole family performed the Puja with full faith.

Next day the woodcutter started his daily routine. He went to work, cut a bundle of wood. He went to the market. In a couple of hours his whole bundle was sold. He didn’t have to put more effort. The customers were attracted towards him. What ever price he told the customers, they were ready to pay. He earned more than he used to earn usually.

When he was returning home in the evening a thought came into his mind. It was the effect of Sri Satyanarayan Puja. He started earning more and more each day. His life style changed. Now he was a rich man. He can afford things which he can’t in the past.

It was the effect of Sri Satyanarayan Puja. Whoever performs Sri Satyanarayan Puja with devotion gets the grace of Lord Satyanarayan.

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