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Sri Krishna and Indra

Thursday, August 09, 2012 | 12:37:00 AM

This story is associated with the holy place named Brindavan. Sri Krishna’s childhood is associated with this place.

At that time people used to worship Lord Indra. The residents thought that because of his grace Brindavan is a prosperous place. It used to rain a lot. Plenty of rain transformed this place into a heaven. When Krishna arrived, he observed that people are worshiping Lord Indra blindfold. He decided to break the myth. He explained the residents that because of Moutain Govardhan, Brindavan is a prosperous place. People believed him and stopped worshiping Indra and started
worshiping Moutain Govardhan. This made Indra angry. He felt insulted. He decided to punish the villagers.

Lord Indra sent dark clouds to destroy Brindavan. Now it started raining. The whole village was flooded with water. Such heavy rains destroyed everything. People started running here and there but could not find a place for shelter. People
blamed Krishna for destruction.

Krishna was calm. He told the villager not to panic. He told everybody to gather in front of Moutain Govardhan. Krishna lifted the Moutain Govardhan and told everybody to come under it. All the villagers took shelter under the mountain. They were safe from rain. Everybody was also astonished by what Krishna did right now.
This broke Lord Indra’s pride. He understood his mistake. He apologised. He ordered the clouds to disappear. It stopped raining. Everybody in the village was happy now. They started praising Krishna.

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