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Rajasthani Pre wedding rituals

Friday, January 4, 2013 | 5:48:00 AM

Rajasthan is famous not only in India but all over the world for its magnificent weddings in luxurious palaces. The Rajasthani wedding happens to be the most lavish wedding in India. The Rajasthani marriage is celebrated in a royal style. The most auspicious time for a Rajasthani wedding is from May-July or November-February. The rituals and customs in such wedding can be categorized into the pre-wedding, wedding days and post-wedding customs. This article will provide you the features of pre wedding-day customs in Rajasthani wedding.


This is the very first pre-wedding ritual conducted in a Rajasthani wedding. It is a male affair. Females are not allowed to attend this ritual. Only the father, brother and other male relatives of the bride's family attend this ceremony. The brother of the bride applies tilak on to the forehead of the groom. A sword, clothes, sweets etc. are given to the groom.


In this Ceremony the Bride to be and the Groom to be exchange rings as part of the acceptance of each other. Both the families bless the couple. After sagai a feast is given to all the guests.

Ganapati Sthapana and Griha Shanti

It is one of the most important pre-wedding ritual. It is performed a few days prior to the wedding.An idol of the Lord Ganesha is brought home and installed. It is worshiped. All the wedding rituals would be performed only after the sthapana or installation.A havan is also conducted by either the groom or the bride's family. 

Pithi Dastoor

This is one of the most important pre-wedding ceremonies. It involves both the bride and the groom. This Custom involves the application of Turmeric/ Haldi paste on the hands and feet of the Bride/ Groom in their respective homes. The bride and the groom who cannot leave the house once the pithi starts.

Mahira Dastoor

In this ritual maternal uncles of both sides arrive at the homes of the bride and the groom, respectively. On their arrival, they are given attractive presents by the family members.


In this Ceremony, the Groom performs a Havan under the guidance of a priest. After that he wears a pious thread given by the priest.After wearing the scared thread the groom has to decide whether he will become an ascetic or getting married.The groom acts as to become ascetic but his maternal uncle stops him and convinces him to accept responsibilities of married life.

Palla Dastoor

In this ritual clothes, jewellery and gifts are send by the groom’s family for dressing the bride on the wedding day or prior to the wedding day. She has to wear the belongings on the wedding day.


Only males members are allowed to take part in the Baraat. The groom has to ride an elephant or a horse and go to the bride's house. He has to carry a sword with him. He is accompanied by his male family members, relatives and friends.

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