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Punjabi Post Wedding Rituals

Monday, September 16, 2013 | 4:58:00 AM

Vidaai ceremony
In this scared ritual the bride gets ready to leave her matrial house. She is accompained by her parents, her brother, friends and close relatives. When the bride procceds towards the entrance door she throws rice over her head. This signifies that all the debts in her matrial house are cleared now. Next she boards a car along with her husband and leaves for her new house.

Pani Bharna

When the couple reaches the grooms house she gets a grand welcome.The grooms mother performs the arati and sprinkes holy water on the couple. It is a custom that the newly wed bride has to kick the mustard pot placed on the entrance door with her right foot before entering the house. After that the couple enters the house.

Fun Games

After a grand welcome the couple is made to play some games. In one such game the couple has search a ring in a vessel of coloured water.

Kangna Kholna

In this ritual the bride and groom has to untie each other's bracelets in the presence of all the relatives. The bride is required to untie her husband's bracelet first.

Mooh Dikhai Ki Rasm

This ritual introduces the bride to the groom's family. The brides receives a lot of presents from the grooms family.

Reception party

This ritual introduces the bride to the groom's relatives and friends. In addition to that the couple receives a grand welcome. The party is accompanied with a grand feast. The reception party marks the end of a wedding ceremony.

Phera Dalna

This is the last post wedding ritual. In this ritual the couple visits the bride's house after the marriage. The brother of the bride welcomes the grooms into the house. The couple have lunch and they receive a lot of gifts from the people present there. This ritual introduces the groom to the bride’s family.
On the first day in her in-laws she has to cook something, preferably a sweet dish like halwa or kheer.

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