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Part2: Bengali Wedding-Pre wedding rituals

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 | 8:09:00 AM


Adhibas Tattva: Tattvas are the gifts. These gift are sent by the groom's family. The gifts include saree for the groom’s mother, curd, fish, sweets, dhaan (grains) and durba (grass strands) which are placed on a brass plate and carried by servants to the groom’s home.

Snan: The snan literally means bathing. It is the bathing ritual that is followed in turn by the bride and the groom. It takes place in late afternoon on the wedding day. During the snan ceremony, a couple of married women apply the paste of turmeric and oil on the bride/groom’s hair and body. Thereafter, the bride/groom is given a new set of clothes that is gifted by his/her in-laws. The old worn clothes of the bride/groom are given away to the barber.

Sankha Porana:  Sankha porana is the tradition of wearing shankha porana or conch shell bangles that have been dipped in turmeric water. This tradition is followed by the bride after bathing and dressing up in a new sari.

Dressing Up The Bride:  Dressing up the bride is a ritual in itself, in the traditional Bengali marriage. The bride is ornamented with jewelry and crown. When she is fully dressed and ready to go to the mandap, her face is beautified with a design of mukut using the chandan paste.

Mandap: The Mandap is the place where the wedding ceremony would be conducted. The wedding mandap is very simple. Two banana trees are planted and rice paste is used to make a large alpana. The mandap is beautified with fresh flowers and flashy lights.

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