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Part 2: Feature you would love about DESIEVITE

Wednesday, January 07, 2015 | 3:50:00 AM

We are done with Desievite’s homepage. If you have taken out sometime to go through it you have noticed that these features are helpful. These features are incorporated into desievite after a lot of thinking. Now let’s move to the Desievite registration page.

I know that you like the homepage. You are eager to register. On the home page click on signup icon or at the top click on register icon. After performing any one of these tasks you are taken to the user registration page.

The user registration page is short and simple. It only asks you to fill your full name, e-mail id, password and the security check. After clicking on register you are fifty per cent done. Registration is an important process but we want you to access the resources like e-cards and invitations. That’s why we have made the registration process short and simple one. It just takes a maximum of two to three minutes.

After registration you are half done. A verification e-mail is sent in your e-mail account you used to register. Just open the e-mail account, click on the verification e-mail and now you have access to your resources. You are just one step away. You have to login.

You have opened your e-mail account and not found the verification e-mail.   Don’t worry. Try to login. It would ask you to send a verification e-mail again. Click on the send verification e-mail. You would get the verification e-mail again. If you are not getting the verification e-mail then e-mail your problem to Desievite admin. The admin would take care of the process.

What if you forgot your password. Click on forgot password button. It would ask you to enter you e-mail id you registered with. Next, you have to click on forgot password button.  Now check your e-mail account. You would get the password into your e-mail account. Really simple and not a time consuming process.

Desievite want to keeps this portal simple so that a novice user also loves to use it. Every day we are working on it. Every day we are thinking of new features.  Before the release we are testing it and if any flaws are found we are removing it.

Start today and send an e-card and invitation from

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