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Ganesh Chaturthi: Story about the Birth of Lord Ganesh

Saturday, September 8, 2012 | 1:00:00 AM

A long time ago Lord Shiva was fighting for Gods against the asura’s(demon’s). When he used to go for the war Parvati his wife used to live alone in the house. She had great powers but sometimes she used to get afraid.

One day she wanted to take a bath. Lord Shiva was not in the house. She didn’t felt comfortable taking the bath. She thought that somebody should guard the house until she finishes her bath. She started thinking what to do. She started walking here and there in the house.

After sometime a thought flashed in her head. She went to the bathroom. She used to apply the paste of turmeric on her body during the bath. She took some turmeric from the bowl and made a statue. She had the magical powers. With the help of the magical powers she made the statue alive. That was the birth of Lord Ganesh. She ordered him to guard the house until she finishes her bath. Parvati was completely relieved and went to take the bath. Lord Ganesh stood at the main door so that nobody can enter the house.

After sometime Lord Shiva returned home. He was astonished to see a small body standing at the door. He asked him who he was and why he was standing at the door. Lord Ganesh replied that he is the son of Parvati and she has ordered him to guard the house until she finishes her bath. Lord Shiva explained the little boy that he is the husband of Parvati. He requested the little boy to let him enter the house. Lord Ganesh denied the requested. Lord Shiva requested the little boy several times but the result was the same.

This made Lord Shiva agitated. In his deep anger he beheaded Lord Ganesh with his trishul. When Parvati finished her bath she started searching for Lord Ganesh. She found him dead at the house main door. She started crying. When Lord Shiva heard her cry he came out to find what has happened. She explained him that he was her son and she ordered him to guard the house. She requested Lord Shiva to restore Lord Ganesh life.

Lord Shiva ordered his soldiers to find Lord Ganesh head and bring it back to him but all efforts went in vain. At last Lord Shiva approached Brahma who suggested that he should replace Lord Ganesh head with the first living being that came his way which lay with its head facing north. Lord Shiva then sent his soldiers to find and take the head of whatever creature they happened to find asleep with its head facing north.

The soldiers found a dying elephant that slept with its head facing north. After some time the elephant died and the soldiers took his head and gave it to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva attached the elephant's head to Lord Ganesh body and brought him back to life.

From that onwards Lord Ganesh is also known as Ganapathi or Gajraj.

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