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Father's Day: PARTY IDEAS

Saturday, June 16, 2012 | 4:04:00 AM

Father's Day is a special occasion when you want to do something for him that will bring smile on his face. This will make him feel that he is important to his family. His family needs him. A simple and most powerful way is to throw a party. On this day keep your father away from any worries or anxiety. Before throwing a party it needs planning because we have limited resources. Please go to your dad and ask a few questions that would help you arranging a party.

1. Location: Ask him where would he like the party to be hosted? If it indoors then a little money is saved which could be used for other things. If he wants it outdoors then look for places which fit into your budget.

2. Decoration: Once the place is decided next step is to pay attention on decoration. Find out your father's favourite colours. Provide the team involved in decoration with this information. Is your father fan of any celebrity or politician or writer? Try to put a couple of pictures where your father would definitely notice them. Father’s day is related to family, try to put some pictures of family members which includes him. This way he would feel at home. Arrange some music according to his likings.

3. Food: Ask your father what will he like to eat and drink? Make a list. Add one or two item on your own. Go to the local grocer and buy these things.
4. Guests: Ask your father who he wants to be invited? Use your common sense. Call a couple of his closes friends. He would have a nice feeling.

5. Games: Arrange simple games. Blind fold him. Hide a gift and tell him to find it. It is a simple game. It would keep him busy.

6. Speech: Try to write a small speech. Memorise it. At the end of the party say it to your father. It could be a one liner like “I love you dad. You are the best dad in the world.” It could be a bit longer. Please don’t write an essay because it would lose the touch.

The purpose behind this is to make him feel special. Please don’t forget the purpose.  Father's Day is a day to honour your father and let him know just how much he means to you.  He helped shape you into the person you are today.

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