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Eid-ul- Adha: Festival of Sacrifice

Saturday, August 18, 2012 | 7:45:00 AM

It is one of the religious festivals celebrated by the Muslims which remind us about Abraham. He obeyed the order of God and without no doubt got ready to sacrifice his son.

Four thousand years ago Abraham used to live in Canaan with his wife Hagar and his son Ishmael. One day he dreamt that God has ordered him to move to Arabia. He has full faith in God. He immediately executed his order. After they reached Arabia he decided to go back to Canaan. He told her wife that he is going back to Canaan. He told her that there is an ample quantity of food for two persons to survive. Her wife knew that it was an order of God and she allowed him to go away.
After a couple of months the food finished. They started starving. They prayed Lord for help. The Lord replied the prayer by pouring water from a spring. The spring is known as Zamzam Well. This is how Hagar and Ishmael were saved.

Many years passed away. Everybody was happy. One day God came in the dream of Abraham. He dreamt that God has ordered him to sacrifice his dearest thing. Ishmael his son was his dearest possession in the whole world. He remembered the prayers he and Hagar had done to get Ishmael. He loved his son from the bottom of the heart. He was the dearest person on the earth. He was unhappy but he was a true follower of God. He has full faith in God. He decided to sacrifice his son.

With a heavy heart he went to his son Ishmael. He told him about his dream in which God has ordered him to sacrifice his dearest thing. He told him that he was the dearest person on the earth. He asked him for his opinion. Ishmael knew that his father is a true follower of the God. In addition to that he knew that God has saved him once. He knew that his positive response would provide courage to his father. He nodded in a positive way. People and the evil powers tried to change his decision but he was unturned.

The day of sacrifice came. He took Ishmael to the place where the act will be accomplished. He laid his son’s neck in the round oval which was used for killing sheep for meat. He brought a sword. When the sword was in air an echo came from the sky. The echo was God’s voice. He told him that he was happy with his act. He told him that he can replace Ishmael with a sheep. Abraham untied the hands of Ishmael. He kissed him on his face. He was so happy that he started crying. He followed God’s order. In this way Ishmael life was saved by God’s Grace.
On every Eid-ul- Adha Abraham sacrifice is remembered.

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