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Demise of my favorite language

Monday, April 3, 2017 | 10:18:00 PM

Demise of my favorite language(dialect)..

Whose fault is it, who is to blame for it,
when you see your favorite language slowly imploding by itself,
How can a popular dialect can be doomed to die,
when there are millions of speakers all over the world watching it slide.

Bhojpuri was my mother lanuage or dialect, when I was born,
I spoke it fluently as a little kid in and out of my home,
When I went to my school, no one was speaking bhojpuri,
even the bhojpuri kids were speaking in Hindi.

What happened, some one told me, it is " lath mar" langauge,
It is backward, does not have scripts or written language,
There are no books, magazines, or journals in it,
How can you call it a language, when there is no literature in it.

I rested my case, talked to my parents and siblings in Bhojpuri at home,
Sooner or later we all had our families, we were speaking Hindi or English,
When kids saw us speaking in Bhojpuri, they could not figure out what it is,
The youtube videos were too much vulgar to recommend as reference to any kid.

I can only reminiscience some nice thoughts,
"pranam, ka hal ba?, sab badhia ba !,
tahra se milke achha lagal, tahar hamesha yaad avat rahi"
Or can have some loneliness tunes,
"Hamar ho ke bhi tu hamar na bhailu,
Badu Duniya me ta milabu kabhi bhale dosarake To ho gailu,
Ihe umid lagawale rahani ki,
Tu yi duniya chhod ke na jane ka kho Gailu."

My parents are gone, resting in peace,
Someday we will be gone, resting in guilt,
We never thought that a language and a culture can be anahilated,
For the sake of feeling modern and forgetting one's roots.

Posted By Jay P Narain

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