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Christian pre-wedding rituals

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 | 5:31:00 AM

A wedding is the ceremony in which two people are united in an institution. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures and religions. A Christian marriage can take place anywhere. Christian weddings are usually conducted in a Church with much joy and celebrations. Christian Wedding is also an elaboration affair. In Christianity, marriages are considered the union between man and woman predestined by God. Christian Rituals are basically designed for a simple and social marriage. Participation of friends and family members of the bride and the bridegroom helps to add joy to the wedding celebrations. Christian wedding can be divided in terms of pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals. Pre-wedding rituals would be covered in this blog.

The Announcement or Engagement party

The first formal Christian Rituals is the engagement party. It is hosted by the bride’s parents. It is conducted in the presence of a priest. The couple exchanges engagement rings that have been blessed by the priest. The couple exchanges their thoughts and also shares their feeling with everyone. In the end there is a formal dinner or buffet lunch. A cocktail party can also be organised on this event.

Bridal shower

Bridal Shower is one of the major pre-wedding customs of a Christian Wedding. It is mainly a female get-together that is made lively by songs, dance and joyful game sessions. It is hosted by the bride's female friends. It is a fun-filled and entertaining informal hen party. There is an old tradition followed in this event. The bride serves a pink cake to all present. Uniqueness of the cake is that there is a thimble hidden inside this cake. It is believed that a girl who receives the piece of cake with a thimble will be the next to get married.

Bachelor's party or Stag Party

When the bridal shower is arranged at the bride's place bachelor party is arranged at the groom's place. It is hosted by the groom for his friends. It is organized a couple of days before the wedding where a groom is expected to enjoy his last evening as a bachelor. The close friends of the groom are invited. The purpose is to have fun and enjoyment.

Preparatory course

It is mandatory for the prospective bride and groom to attend a Marriage Preparatory Course. It could be a one day affair or it can extend to three days. The couple must fill a form declaring details of their lives and take an oath on the Holy Bible that they have not withheld any information and that they are aware of the duties. They must produce their baptism certificates.

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