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Bihari Wedding: Post Marriage rituals

Friday, December 7, 2012 | 7:23:00 AM

Bihar is a part of India is which is filled with elaborate and colourful celebrations.  It can be observed in a highly celebrated Bihari weddings. People celebrate the occasion with a lot traditional rituals which include pre wedding rituasl, rituals on the wedding day and the post wedding rituals. After bidaai, the bride arrives at the groom's place. She is given warmed welcome to start a new life.

Swagat aarti

As the newlywed couple arrives, the ladies of the groom's family performs an aarti and showers them with akshat and flowers. The groom's sister places a copper vessel filled with rice, a plate of alta (a red colored water) and two cane baskets. The bride gently pushes the rice-vessel with her right foot, which she then places on the plate of alta. She then places her left foot on the plate. Finally, she places both her feet in the cane baskets and is led to her kohwar (bedroom). Meanwhile, the groom is made to pay cash to his sister to gain entry to the house with his new bride.

Mooh dikhai

This ritual is performed at the groom's place. The groom's mother gifts the new bride a pair of gold bangles. It is done to view the face of the newly wed bride. 


Satyanarayan katha is organised at the groom's place to thank the gods and offer them gratitude for the completion of the wedding ceremonies without any difficulty. In addition to that a hawan is also performed on the next day of wedding. It is a type of a spiritual puja. After the puja is completed holy water is sprinkled in the entire house to make the atmosphere auspicious. A prasad made of ilk, curd, honey, sugar, ghee and tulsi leaves are given to the guests. The prasad is known as panchamrit.

Chauka cchulai

In this ritual bride's cooking skills are tested. She has to cook five dishes which are simple. These five dishes consist of 'karhi-bari', boiled rice, kheer, poori and one dish of the bride's discretion and choice. She has to please the groom family members with her cooking skill. If she is successful in her task then she is adorned with gifts.


A wedding reception is a party held after the completion of a marriage ceremony. It is organised at the groom's place. All the family members of the groom, relatives and friends attend the reception. Hosts provide their choice of food and drink. It is an elaborated affair and lasts for several hours.

These are the final rituals which complete the wedding and the newlywed couple start their new phase of their life. All relatives staying in the groom's place bless them with their wishes and leave for their residing places.


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