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Bhai Dooj: Symbol of love between a brother and sister

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 | 5:51:00 AM

Bhai Dooj is an annual Hindu festival celebrated on the third day after Diwali. It is similar to Raksha Bhandhan. This day is also known as Yamdwitya. This festival is a symbol of love between a brother and sister. On this day, sisters pray and wish for the long life, health, wealth and prosperity of their brothers. In return the brother takes the oath to protect her sister.

On this occasion sisters go to their brother house. It is believed that it is dangerous for the brother to go to the sisters house. Sisters putt tika/tilak (vermilion spot) on the forehead of their brother, offer sweets and perform aarti. The tika/tilak signifies the sister's sincerest prayers for the long and happy life of her brother. In return the brother offers gifts to their sisters as an expression of love. The gift expresses the gratitude for sharing such a wonderful relationship.

There are many stories associated with Bhai Dooj. One of them states that when Lord Krishna returned home after killing the evil demon Narkasur he received a warm welcome his sister Subhadra with sweets and flowers. Some people believed that this is the origin of the Bhai Dooj festival.

This year Bhai Dooj falls on November 15th.

Sister’s pray to God for protection, health and prosperity for their brothers . Bhai Dooj is the time of thanking our brother for whatever they have done till today for us. One of the best and effort less way to wish our dear ones on Bahi Dooj, is to send them an e-card.  Desievite is the portal which has an excellent collection of Bahi Dooj e-cards. In addition to that the process of sending invitation and e-cards is very simple. It is a matter of few clicks. Don't think a lot. Just visit and send an e-card today.

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