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Bangladeshi Post Wedding Rituals

Monday, May 20, 2013 | 6:41:00 AM

The post wedding rituals is a grand affair and consists of many rituals. These rituals add a great charm in the post wedding ceremony. This ceremony is characterised by huge arrangements and gathering. Here is a brief description of the post wedding rituals you would find in a Bangladeshi wedding. All these rituals are organised at the groom’s house.

Vidaai ceremony

This is the most important post wedding ritual. In this ritual the bride comes out from the wedding venue and proceeds for the groom’s house. Before uniting with the groom the bride offers rice to her mother which signifies that all the debts are nullified at her parent’s house. Next she leaves for the groom house. This is the end of wedding rituals.


The bride receives a grand welcome at the groom’s house. Before entering in the house she dips her feet into a solution called aalta. After dipping she starts walking towards the groom house. She also leaves the marks of her handprints on the wall. After that she is offered the first meal of the bride in the groom’s house.

Reception Party or Bou Bhaat

It is held after two days of the wedding. In this ritual the groom relatives and friends get a chance to meet the bride. The function is an encapsulation of entertrainment, fashionable attire and food. The guest offers the bride clothes, sweetmeats, jewellery. It is organised in the evenings.

Phool Sajja

In this ritual the bride gets dressed in the new clothes. In addition to that she also wears the jewellery given by her parents.

Oshto Mongola

It is conducted after eight days. In this ritual the groom visits the bride house and stays there for three days. A feast is organised in the house amongst the family members only. The wedding knot is also separated on this occasion.

Theses ceremonies are the representation of the bangaladeshi culture which is much enriched. In addition to that it also represents the traditional customs which are still carried out today in an altered format.

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