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Nepali Pre-wedding Rituals

Monday, February 11, 2013 | 6:21:00 AM


The wedding ceremony is a very important affair not only between two people but their family too. It is a big celebration. Wedding in Nepal is multiday occasion which spread over the whole village.


The First Meeting

Nepal follows the tradition of arranged marriage. The parents search a girl for their son. If they have found one they would keep the proposal in front of the girl’s family. For this purpose they would appoints one his relatives as a mediator. In Nepal he is known as Lami. He will initiate a talk with the girl's family and do all the negotiations. The girl’s parents would consider certain factors for match making like caste, religions, ages, economic status, education profession of bride and groom and same first language, following the same culture and traditions. Caste or tribe is considered as the main factor for selecting the matches. The parents of both the parities would go to a matchmaker who would go through the horoscopes of the boy and girl. If he shows a green signal a confirmation ceremony is organized else the negotiations gets cancelled. The confirmation ceremony starts with several presentations of gifts, sweets, areca nut supari and fruits which are sent to the Girl’s parents from the boy’s parents. In addition to that the date for wedding is fixed in consultation with the Astrologer. If her family agrees a meeting between both families is arranged, so the proposed couple have a chance to see each other.


Kura Chhinne or engagement ceremony

When both the families meet at the decided date the couple is engaged. In the engagement ceremony rings are exchanged. In addition to that gifts are also exchanged between both the parties. Lastly the bride’s father accepts the proposal made on groom’s behalf and offers paan and supari(betal and areca nuts) by way of invitation.



Just before the weeding Lakhamari sweets are sent to the bride's family. In addition to that there is a custom to invite the girl to the relative’s family. The relatives show great hospitality to the girls. They offer her delicious food and sweets with blessings. Lastly she is called by the maternal uncle. A grand feast is organised for the girl. After feast the girl is given a farewell.


Procession to the bride's home

On the wedding day the groom along with his family members, relatives and friends go to the bride’s home. The procession resembles a festive celebration. The procession is accompanied by a musical band which play musical tune. The entire people dance which represents their happiness for the couple. The procession stops several times for a few hundred yards.


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