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Multilingual Greeting Cards: Personalized Message in the Regional Language

Wednesday, October 09, 2013 | 8:45:00 PM



 Festivals are the perfect occasion to share and express happiness. There are many ways in which we can share and express happiness. We go to the person and wish him/her luck and prosperity. We make a telephonic call or arrange a video conferencing with the person. These things give us happiness but they fade with time. Another way to express happiness is to send a greetings card to the person. They remain in the memory of the person for a long time and he/she can again live the moment of happiness by going through it.



Second, every greeting card has a personalized message in it. We choose such a greeting card which best influences the feeling of the person to whom it is being sent. In addition to that what if the personalized message is in the language that is close to the heart of the person? This would boost the happiness of the recipient. What if the language is used everyday?  It would triple the happiness of the person who would receive the greeting card.



That’s why Desieveite took the initiative to design cards whose personalized message is in different languages other than English. The new cards have personalized message in the Hindi, Bengali, Hindi-English and Bengali-English. The festivals covered in these cards are Durga Puja and Diwali. These are the most popular festivals celebrated around the world.


In addition to that send these greetings card is very simple. You have to type in the address bar and hit enter. Next step is registration. After that you find the occasion and choose a greeting card from the multiple ones displayed. Next you have to add a message to them. Again add the e-mail ids of the recepients and click on send. This would deliver the greetings card in the recipients inbox.



Are you in two minds whether to send it or not? Don’t be because we are offering this service for free. Send as many greetings card as you like, nobody is going to stop you or charge you a peeny. Now got the peace of mind, send a multilingual greeting card today and spread happiness. 


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