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Mizoram wedding Rituals

Monday, February 04, 2013 | 12:10:00 AM


India's northeast is a mixture of tradition, ethnicity and cultural heritage. Popularly known as the Seven Sisters, the states Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh is a mix of race and rituals. Mizo is a grouping of people which consists of several ethnic groups. These have a common culture, tradition, language, custom, mode of cultivation, form of government, etc. Marriage is generally settled through negotiations by both parties. It consists of three steps.


Pattam Pur (First Step)

The boy's parent and relatives goes to visit the girl's house. In addition to that they have to take Pulbareng which is a special carrier made by bamboo, Midejogora (wine which made by sticky-rice), Sanny pedya, Vini pedya,Hoga pedya (which is biscuits made by sticky-rice, normal rice mixed with coconuts, sugar cane juice, etc.).The girl’s parents have keep a big jar with full of water in front of the house. When the boy's party arrives a little boy washes their feet and then they are allowed to enter the house. A waiter is kept for welcome the boy's party when they enter inside the house. The waiter welcome's them by joining hands and touching their feet. The girl’s parents are at the main gate also welcome the guests. If the girl be chosen by the parents of the boy, the guardian of the daughter demand dowry of an amount of money, rice, pig for weeding ceremony and ornaments etc. for the girl. After that a final date of marriage is fixed. After a couple of days guests leave.


Di Pur(Second Step)

The girl’s parents demand and negotiate for the bride price. If both party agreed, they fixed, the date, day and month for final weeding ceremony. The boy’s parent must fulfil the demand of the girl's parents otherwise the girl's parents have a full right to cancel the wedding.


Thin Pur (Final Step)

The house of the bride is well decorated with lights and banana plants, a big jar with full of water at front gate. An assistant is kept to look after the arrangements. When the bride's party arrived in the girl house the waiter receive them by washing their feet and respect and take blessing from them. Now they enter the guest house where they receive a warm welcome from the girl's side. Next Day they start preparation for weeding ceremony.

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