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Lord Krishna and Mother Yashodha

Friday, August 10, 2012 | 1:22:00 AM

In the childhood Lord Krishna was very naughty. Everybody in the house especially Mother Yashodha was fed up with his mischief behaviour. He used to steal butter and cheese in his house and also from the neighbours. The neighbours used to complain about his deeds to Mother Yashodha. These deeds are wrong. He should stop but it has no effect. Day by day his mischiefs were increasing.

One day Krishna was stealing butter in his house. He had broken the pot and was eating the butter. At that moment Mother Yashodha came inside. She saw him stealing butter. She caught him. This made her angry. She decided to punish him. On the other Krishna tried to persuade her. He was asking for forgiveness. She was fed up with his daily mischiefs and complains of the neighbours. Today she decided to punish Sri Krishna sternly.

She dragged Krishna catching his hand and took him in the veranda. She tied him to the trunk of the tree with a rope and went away. When she was going away Krishna was pleading for forgiveness. His pleading had no effect and she went away. She loved Krishna a lot. She was also upset because she didn’t want to punish him from his heart. She remembered Krishna a lot from the moment she punish him.

After some time a Gopika come to Sri Krishna’s house. Yashodha and Gopika start chatting. After sometime the gopika asks about Sri Krishna. She tells her that today she caught him stealing butter red handed. She has punished him. She has tied him to the trunk of the tree. The gopika was a little amazed after listening to this conversation. She informed her that she saw Sri Kishna playing with the children in the neighbourhood. She didn’t believe her.

She decides to find out the truth. She asks the gopika to take her to the place where she saw her playing. She takes her to the place. Yashodha finds Sri Krishna playing with the children. She can’t believe her eyes. She decides to find out the truth. She returns to her house. She goes to the place where he has tied Sri Krishna. When she goes there she finds him tied to the trunk of the tree smiling. She is astonished. She can’t believe herself. She starts thinking how it could be possible.

After a few moments she comes to the conclusion that it is the maya of Sri Krishna. Her anger vanishes. She unties Sri Krishna. She asks Sri Krishna for apology. She tells her how she could be so harsh. She starts crying. Sri Krishna wipes his tears and sits in his lap. This is the love and affection shown by him to his lovers.

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