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DesiEvite: Online Portal for Invitation and e-cards

Friday, November 23, 2012 | 4:39:00 AM

Everybody in the world is connected to other people by a fine thread called relationship. A male person can be a father, son, grandfather or grandson. The same follows for other relationships. These relationships remind us about these people.

We organise event and in these events we call our dear ones. The events can be a birthday party, baby shower or a get together. We want to connect with them either by meeting or by talking on the phone or by sending them letters.  Letters are now vanishing because we are approaching in the digital world. The place of letters are full filled by electronic invitation or greeting cards. One to the service providers who are giving these services for free is DesiEvite.  is the portal which provides all the features to send online invitation and e-cards. Desievite was started by 4eGuru. It is a gift for the internet users. Desievite is the portal which has an excellent collection of invitations and e-cards. In addition to that it does not charge you a penny to send these e-invitation and e-cards.

Among the many names in the online invitation and e-cards industry one prominent name is It is a user friendly website and is easy to use. By using their services we can send  invitations and e-cards globally. One can definitely rely on its services. An e-card will definitely bring a smile. Invitation and e-cards are a simple yet meaningful ways to convey a perfect message of love and appreciation.

These are a few ways which would make him happy. This would bring a smile on his face. This would increase your bonding of love. They would feel your importance.

If you are separated from your family you can send them missing you, Love e-cards. It is a unique way to express you feeling. It is a way to thank for what they have done.

Are you not able to spend time with him? Send them e-cards so that they would notice they you care for them.

Desievite want to keeps this portal simple so that even a novice user would also like to use it. Every day we are working on it. Every day we are thinking of new features.  Before the release we are testing it and if any flaws are found we are removing it.

Why not explore these wonderful features? Just login with your id at and send an invitation or e-card now. You would love doing that. Don't have a login id or password. Registration is a matter of few clicks. Don’t wait open and send an invitation or e-card now.

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