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Birthday invitation wording ideas

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 | 4:26:00 AM

Birthday invitation wording ideas - Themes

Your wording will largely depend upon the age of your birthday "guest of honor". Themed paper is available from ImpressInPrint that enhances your customized poem or personal message for young or more mature recipients.

As you look at the birthday cardstock and themed paper, the rich designs can suggest just the perfect theme or feel that you may be looking for to create an entire party based on the imagery and theme of the card you are inspired by.

Birthday invitation wording ideas - Ideas

Several elements can be included in the wording for birthday invitations to create a memorable, personal birthday party invitation.

  • Be sure to use the person's name
  • If the birthday person is 18 years old or less, it is acceptable to use their exact age
  • Reference a specific place that the person goes to often or loves to visit
  • Mention a beloved pet or pets
  • Create a story about the person instead of directing wording "at" the person
  • Create a "I remember when" card. Ask friends and family to give you one sentence about the birthday person that starts with "I remember when" is a wonderful memento card! Then, have those sentences printed on cards from

Birthday invitation wording ideas - Activities

Birthday invitation wording ideas don't always include verses or poems. They can include instructions! Consider using the invitations to have a scavenger hunt and include the instructions in the birthday invitation wording.

If you are having a themed party, give instructions on dress and fun things to bring that will enhance the party such as music, clothes or foods that fit your theme.

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