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God is called by many names.  Satya Narayana is one such name , The Satyanarayan Puja is a Hindu religious observance. It is a ritual performed by Hindus before/on any major occasion like marriage, house warming ceremony etc. It can also be performed on any day for any reason. It is very auspicious to perform this pooja on a Chitra Pournami Day. On the auspicious occasion or even invite all your friends, family and loved once and send Satya Narayana puja Invitation .

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Satyanarayan Puja Ideas

    Satyanarayan Puja - 1
    The Satyanarayan Puja is performed to show respect to Narayan an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He is seen as the symbol of truth. It is believed the ceremony originated in Bengal as Satya Pir ritual
    Sri satyanarayana Puja Stories - 1
    This story is about a poor and old Brahmin who used to live in the city of Kashi. He was very poor. For his living he used to beg for food every day. He was depressed with his situat
    Sri Satyanarayana Puja Stories - 2
    Long ago there was a king named Tungdhwaj. He was famous for his kindness to his subjects. One day, he went hunting in a forest. After hunting for a long time he became tired and sat down u
    Sri Satyanarayana Puja Stories - 3 The Story of a Wood-cutter
    There was a Brahmin who performed Satyanarayan Puja with full faith and pure mind. His fate was changed. He transformed into a rich man from a poor beggar. People in Kashi were amazed by his overni
    Sri Satyanarayana Puja Stories - 4
    In the ancient times a thief named Ghatam used to live in Rajpur which was ruled by Brahmapur. He used to steal things from people’s houses for his living but he had one good habit. He used t