Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

The message and links are garbled when respondents open emails. Why?

Considerations for Email Client Configurations : In general, it is up to the receiving email client to properly display a message. The respondent may need to adjust some settings in their email client if s/he is unable to see a message properly. Not all browsers may be configured to allow HTML coding. If this is the case, respondents will need to have their email settings changed to allow HTML. 

With today's increased security standards many email clients can be configured as strict as possible. Many email clients like Hotmail and Gmail by default are set to: 

  • Disable links by default - even in text only messages
  • Disable images

In these instances, the survey respondent receiving the email will have to allow that content in order for the message to be displayed.

Some email clients like Hotmail also have a Mark as Safe option on the message. So if respondents click that option, they are essentially adding DesiEvite into their Safe Senders List (since it is technically coming from us).