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Create Free online Indian Wedding card & send e-invitations with RSVP.

Create personalized Indian/Hindu traditional invitation card & video, all you need to do is pick a wedding card design/video template and add information about your wedding like Wedding Date, Bride Name, Groom name, Parents name, Pre-wedding function, Wedding function, Reception details. You can share or post your wedding card/video to Facebook, google plus, pinterest, twitter, you can also download your wedding invitation card / invitation video and send by whatsapp.
DesiEvite.com is an online tool/software to create Wedding-India card for Whatsapp & Instagram. whatsapp compatible instagram cards

Marriage: God's Sacred Bond Between A Man And A Woman (ID-19140 Free )

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Wedding invitation Theme Ganesh in middle (ID-2360 Free )

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Whatsapp Save the date card (ID-13223 Free )

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Hindu Wedding Ceremony (ID-18856 Free )

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Indian Grand Wedding Ceremony (ID-18860 Free )

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Celebrate with us the freshness of new life (ID-19081 Free )

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Save-the-date-invitation-card-wedding (ID-19315 Free )

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whatsapp-status-theme-invitation-card (ID-19458 Premium )

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buddhist wedding invitation card and matter in english (ID-19495 Free )

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rajasthani-style-sangeet-card (ID-19498 Premium )

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Wedding Announcements (ID-972 Free )

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Invited all our Friends and Relatives Wedding ceremony (ID-13057 Free )

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Your presence could bring good fortune for this newly married couple (ID-13225 Free )

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Wedding Invitation in Marathi: मराठी theme Bride Groom (ID-16633 Free )

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Marriage is union of two divinities Wedding Invitation (ID-16833 Free )

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Wedding Ceremony Invitation Theme couple in black (ID-16841 Free )

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Welcome to wedding ceremony (ID-18858 Free )

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Wedding Ceremony Invitation (ID-1230 Free )

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Indian Wedding Ceremony Invitation (ID-1231 Free )

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Wedding Ceremony invitation (ID-1554 Free )

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Your wish and blessings are most valuable gift for us Happy Wedding (ID-13117 Free )

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There are so many times of wedding rituals that are followed in India. Here we shall concentrate on various types of wedding and to begin with here is a detail on the way the Maharashtrian's conduct
Bengali Wedding Rituals
Rituals and customs are part and parcels of Weddings in India. Her
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Indian Wedding functions Pre-wedding: 1.    Roka: This occurs before wedding date is set. This ceremony is to set a formal commitment of both the families towards the marriage. Th
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लग्न …… लग्न काय असत…… लग्न हे मनाच्या रेशीमगाठीचा ऋणानुबंध असत …. लग्न म्हणजे दोन जीवांचे मधुर मिलन …. दोन आत्म्याच पवित्र मिलन …. ही साथ असते आ
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  शादी-दो दिलों का बंधन            भारत में शादी को अटूट और पवित्र रिश्ता माना जाता है | यह न केवल दो अंजान लोगों को अटूट बंधन में बांध देता है प
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With Desievite you can create online invitation video. Planning your party in advance helps you to make all the necessary arrangements well in advance. It is best to send online invitations as the
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Royal Wedding Invitation Video (ID-19361 Animated Video Card )

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