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Free online Couple-Theme-Engagement-Card Invitation cards

Create your own Indian/Hindu wedding invitations card, you can personalize the icon of bride and groom to make it more like you, all you need to do is pick a wedding card design and add information about wedding like Bride Name, Groom name, Parents name, Date, Place. You can download your wedding invitation card and send through whatsapp, or can share or post to Facebook, google plus, pinterest, twitter. You can send online invitation to your guest, friends can RSVP your invite and you will have list of people attending/not attending wedding party.
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Engagement Propose on Bended Knee card Design (ID-15552 Premium )

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Love does not consist of gazing at each other but in looking together (ID-15549 Free )

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Please be part of it Engagement ceremony (ID-15553 Free )

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Please be part of it Engagement ceremony (ID-15556 Free )

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Please come and join Engagement party (ID-15559 Free )

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This is the time to let you know we are engaged Happy Engagement (ID-15560 Free )

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Engegment Invitation with buddha theme (ID-19002 Free )

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Modern western theme with engagement ring Invitation card (ID-15550 Free )

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Please be present in the most auspicious Engagement party (ID-15558 Free )

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Engagement card sunset invitation theme (ID-15561 Free )

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Wedding Ideas ( More )

Satyanarayan Puja - 1
The Satyanarayan Puja is performed to show respect to Narayan an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He is seen as the symbol of truth. It is believed the ceremony originated in Bengal as Satya Pir ritual per
Satyanarayan Puja - 1 More..
मुलांची मराठी नावे अतुल्य          &nb
मुलांची मराठी नावे More..
Naming ceremony म्ह्नजे मराठीत नवजात बालाचे न
नामकरन विधी More..
स्वरुपराणी     रुपवंतांची राणी स्वरुपा           रुपवान स्वरुपिणी -    स्वरांगी स्वरा - स्वस्तिका - स्वाती  &n
मुलींची नावे More..
Raksha Bandhan (Marathi:रक्षाबंधन Bengali: রাখী বন্ধন Hindi: रक्षा बन्धन) हिंदू संस्कृतीनुसार श्रावण पौर्णिमेला रक्षाबंधनाचा सण साजरा केला जातो. श्रावणातल्या निर्सगाच्या किमयेने नटलेल्या, सृष्टी
रक्षाबंधन  More..
आषाढ शुद्ध पौर्णिमेला म्हणजे या तिथीला आपण गुरुपौर्णिमा म्हणून गौरवितो. आषाढ शुद्ध पौर्णिमेला गुरुपौर्णिमा किंवा व्यासपौर्णिमा म्हणतात. ज्यांनी महाभारत, पुराणे लिहिली त्या व्यासमुनींना वंदन करण्याचा,
गुरुपौर्णिमा  More..

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